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Inhale enough of it often enough Yes.

Any amount inhaled is harmful:

Tricalcium Phosphate when inhaled is harmful. Here is the proof. This is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which states:

"The substance is toxic to lungs, mucous membrane."

Frequent exposure may cause particulates to lodge in the lungs. One case showed crystallosis in the lymph glands of a woman who used dental powder containing Tricalcium Phosphate. Beta TCP has been banned, in some forms, for use as a bone filler.

Use only pure cornstarch as baby powder, if you use anything. Rotate the bottle with your wrist intsead of shaking the bottle. The powder will tumble through the holes gently. Never shake the powder. ANY particulate can be unhealthy when inhaled.

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Is Zirconium harmful to the environment?

Generally, no. But if you inhale it (powder form), it is dangerous and can lead to pneumoconioses.

Is baby powder harmful to eat?

The baby powder itself is not harmful, but the powder is so fine that it could be possible for the fine particles to be inhaled and cause respiratory problems.

Is it harmful to snort baby powder?


Is cooking with Johnson and Johnson pure baby powder harmful or it should not attempted?

Baby powder is not food.

Can baby powder cause allergies?

Some baby powder contains corn starch and those who are allergic or have an intolerance to corn may react when they inhale the powder or when it touches their skin.

Is eating baby powder harmful to babies?


Is it harmful for a toddler to eat baby powder?

Of course it is a problem if a toddler ate (ingested) baby powder! Call your doctor to see what they recommend.

Is it harmful for dogs to eat baby powder?

yes of course you stupid idiots!

Is your baby ok after eating baby powder?

A baby usually is ok - but beware, if the child should inhale a sufficient quantity, a pneumonia (chemical pneumonitis ) may develop.

Is it harmful for a baby to eat washing powder?

It can be extremely harmful for a baby to eat washing soda. If this happens you should call 911 and then Poison Control immediately.

Is baby powder harmful to a one year old child?

Once the child is no longer a baby, it becomes toxic.

Do people inhale baby powder for drug use?

yeah if they are in cost-cutting should try it too it workx

Is baby powder harmful to cats?

It can be - baby powder (talcum powder) is a fine particulate material, which means it can get deep into a cat's lungs and cause problems. Also, it is a calcium salt, which if ingested can cause electrolyte issues.

How can you get baby powder out of you after you inhale it?

The only options you have after inhaling baby powder is to blow your nose several time (not too hard) because the hairs inside the nose are there to catch particles. You can also sip warm water and spit it out if you feel you got some of the baby powder in your mouth. Baby Powder has been questioned as not being safe for babies and another good alternative is simple baking soda.

Eating baby powder while pregnant harmful?

Stick to eating food items only.

Is fluid from house radiators harmful to inhale?


Is it harmful to inhale small amount of perfume?

do answer me.

Is sulfur powder harmful when ingested by cats?

No sulfur powder is a non toxic formula almost like baby powder it will not harm humans or cats if ingested but will give you a very nasty taste.

Is natural gas very harmful or lethal?

It is harmful to inhale. and can be lethal if it ignites or explodes.

Is citric acid harmful to inhale or ingest?


What is the common nouns for Johnsons baby powder?

The words "baby" and "powder" are common nouns.

Can you snort larazopam?

yes. just crush in to powder and inhale.

Is calcium carbonate harmful?

Calcium carbonate is not harmful; of course, it is not recommended to inhale frequently fine powders.

Is smoking weed harmful after getting your tonsils removed?

Its always harmful (to some extent) to inhale smoke.

What is baby powder?

Baby powder is a powder used for preventing diaper rash in babies.

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