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yes it can hurt you due to it will expand in your stomache due to water

Answersome side effects are weight gain, Diabetes, tooth decay and anemia

Updated 05/26/08 (TeddyRea): I have personally been severly addicted to starch for years and have gotten to the point where I was eating 1 box a day and more recently almost 2 boxes. I would literally substitute starch for food. It is highly addictive and darn near impossible to stop. I have been starch free for almost 2 weeks now and each day is a struggle. I want to share some of the side effects I experienced personally in hopes of helping and informing others. Side effects that I personally experienced from eating starch include:

oral thrush (look it up...very a type of fungus that grows on your tongue from increased yeast from eating starch.....which I was able to cure by taking acidophilus capsules which I purchased from rite aide)

severe headaches/migrane


weight gain (at least a pound a day from eating a full box of starch/ 3500 calories = 1lb) - gained about 60lbs in 2 mths

lack of energy

severe depression

sore/patchy/bleeding tongue and roof of mouth

terrible terrible dandruff and flaky skin (on my face) - eyebrows, nose, every part of my face would be dry and flaky. I had to literally check myself in the mirror before I went anywhere to make sure flakes of skin were not hanging off.

I found going cold turkey is the hardest thing to do, but I don't have any other option. There isn't a 'cure' for this. Ive been taking high doses of iron which have not decreased my cravings at all. However, the side effect of NOT eating starch have been very noticible in the short time Ive been without.

My dandruff has completely stopped. My face is no longer dry and flaky....its very moisturized and my T-zone is back to it's overly oily self, I feel very energized and am not depressed, NO MORE HEADACHES/MIGRANES my mouth is 98% healed from the oral thrush and the more bleeding either and best of all....I'm not gaining 1lb a day. Simply cutting out the starch consumption, I stand to lose 1lb a day.

All I can say is that it is so hard. I've searched the internet high and low for side effects and no site has anything on the subject regarding side effects and most say that there are none. But Im here to tell you, anything in excess can be bad for you and I am a personal witness. I have to daily remind myself about the status of my health while eating starch and after the fact in order to convince myself not to buy it. The benefits truly outweigh the addiction, but you'll always be in recovery. Dont let yourself be tepmpted by just one bite....that's all it takes to lure you back into the unforgiving and sickly addictive starch consumption.

Additional Information: The unexplained craving for strange or peculiar substances has been found to be a signal of an iron or zinc deficiency. You need to see your Dr. and be completely honest with them about these urges which can include the desire to chew ice, the urge to eat chalk or laundry starch, as well as cornstarch. Testing may indicate that you are anemic and your Dr. will treat you for that condition, but you need to make sure that the reason for the anemia is explored. There is a link between these urges, anemia and colon cancer. That doesn't mean that everyone with these cravings has cancer. But, with the chance there I'd suggest you speak with your Dr. and advise him of these urges and get his help, to explore the root causes of them.

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Q: Is it harmful to your body to eat corn starch every day?
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