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Yes, if the state require consent from the legal guardian since the non-custodial parent is not the legal guardian. And yes, because the non-custoduial parent does not have the legal right to make that kind of decision for the child. The non-custodial parent could face sanctions from the court. The custodial parent could sue to have the non-custodial parent pay to have the tattoo removed.

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No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

It is against the law for a non custodial parent to take their child out of State (can be considered kidnapping) without the written permission of the custodial parent. If the custodial parent agrees then be sure it is in writing, with the date and signature of the custodial parent and carry it with you during the trip.

No, a non custodial parent can not take a child out of state without the custodial parents permission. The non custodial parent could be charged with kidnapping if charges are brought against them.

If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

No, the non custodial parent cannot give permission to have a friend look after their child and non custodial means you have no custody rights so the permission should be granted by the parent that has custodial rights.AnswerIf you are the parent with legal custody you do not need the non-custodial parent's permission to allow your friend to watch your child. The parent who has legal custody has both the right and the authority to make that decision.

Yes, however, you possibly have recourse if soon after the custodial parent leaves, you file a modification with the court. If the parent left with the child without the court's permission, some courts will require that they return with the child.

No. In the strict legal sense a grandparent (or anyone) cannot take a minor child anywhere without permission from the custodial parent(s) or guardian.

If a custodial parent can take a child out of the country on vacation without telling the non-custodial parent will depend on the court order and the laws in the state they live in. Many states will want the custodial parent to get a notarized document from the non-custodial parent stating they are giving their permission for the child to leave the country.

can't with the permission of the other parent or the court.

No, the custodial parent must give written a agreement which contains all pertinent information including the date the child/children will leave and the date they will return, how and when the non-custodial parent should stay in contact, and so forth. If a non-custodial parent removes a child/children from ANY place w/o the knowledge and/or permission of the custodial parent they are committing "parental kidnapping" and may be subject to criminal prosecution and other penalties.

Only if that parent holds legal sole custodial rights.

Not without the permission of the primary residential parent. see links

Not without permission of the judge/court where the custodial order was issued.

yes, he\she should seek for permission from the parent.

Not without written permission of the other custodial parent or by Order of the Court.

A custodial parent is obligated to let the non-custodial visit the child if there is visitation schedule in place. If there is none, it is not illegal for the custodial parent to refuse visitation.

Generally, no. The parent with legal custody has the right to make the day to day decisions. Of course, the non-custodial parent could take the child to get their license with the permission of the parent with legal custody but not without it.

No, not without a court order.No, not without a court order.No, not without a court order.No, not without a court order.

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