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Whether you are a salesperson, politician, repairman, parent or teenager, you likely not only own a cell phone, but depend on its constant availability. Over 190 million Americans have cell phone subscriptions. Today, there are more cell phone subscriptions than traditional "land-line" subscriptions according to the Cellular Telecommunications International Association ( With cell phones fast becoming the primary way of communicating, harassing phone calls can be especially distressing and disruptive. You should be aware of the steps you need to take if you receive harassing calls, text messages, or spam. What can I do if I am receiving harassing calls on my cell phone? Cell phone carriers recommend that you contact the police first because they have expertise in personal safety. Forty-four states now have laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication within stalking or harassment laws. For specifics please see In California, the law (Cal. Penal Code

2006-08-02 13:49:40
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