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Is it illegal for someone else to sign for a home for you?


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2006-04-10 02:31:21
2006-04-10 02:31:21

They can certainy sign the papers that assign a home to you, but they cannot sign papers that cause you to take on the financial obligation of a mortgage.


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it depends on what on a legal document yes

Of course! It would only be legal if you have a power of attorney from the individual authorizing you to sign for them.

Yes - if you don't have the authority to sign on behalf (pp) of someone else !

No, they cannot. It is illegal to sign the check that belongs to someone else. However in case of joint accounts it is enough if either of the account holders sign the check and it is perfectly legal too.

You and the "someone else" create and sign a new deed for the home that includes the wife's name, and then you record it with the registry (or assessor, or local equivalent).

It is illegal to sign anything with someone elses signature WITH or WITHOUT consent. It is a criminal offence called "forgery".

No, in some cases it is illegal.

Many people choose to sign something on behalf of someone else. Typically wives and husbands will sign on behalf of their partner.

i have a payee only cheque can i sign it over to someone else

Not unless you give them your password or someone finds out what it is.

Not unless they have that person's power of attorney to do so.

If you are using someone elses email address, can be illegal.

Someone else can only sign for postal mail addressed to you if their name is on it as well, or if they can prove that they have your power or attorney or are legal parents or guardians.

challenge someone else and see if you have it or sign out and sign in again to see if you have the award.

you need a power of attorney in order to do so

If you are the maker of the check - that is, the person who is writing the check to pay someone else - you should sign on the front of the check and NOT on the back. The back of the check is for the payee's endorsement. The front of the check has a signature line for the maker to sign.

No! 16 year olds are minors. Unless you emancipate them or sign custody over to someone else. Otherwise it is illeagle - and NOT right!!!

yes, there'll be a message which will be right when you sign on which is your 'home page' and it'll say that someone has managed to hack into your account, then it'll ask you to change your password, good luck! :)

if your parents sign custody off to the other people

No. If they are not your guardian then they have no legal right to make that decision.

Someone else have to sign the contract.

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