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They can certainy sign the papers that assign a home to you, but they cannot sign papers that cause you to take on the financial obligation of a mortgage.

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Q: Is it illegal for someone else to sign for a home for you?
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Can you sign someone else's name?

No, in some cases it is illegal.

Is it illegal to sign someone else's name with their permission?

To my knowledge yes!

Is it illegal to sign a autograph of someone else to joke?

it depends on what on a legal document yes

Is it illegal to use someone else's Email address to sign them to those online petitions?

Probably,but nobody does it...

Is it illegal in Florida to sign a car loan for someone else?

Of course! It would only be legal if you have a power of attorney from the individual authorizing you to sign for them.

Can someone sign a check that is not their own?

No, they cannot. It is illegal to sign the check that belongs to someone else. However in case of joint accounts it is enough if either of the account holders sign the check and it is perfectly legal too.

When you pp a signature without authority is it illegal?

Yes - if you don't have the authority to sign on behalf (pp) of someone else !

How can you add a wife to the title or deed to a home you own with someone else?

You and the "someone else" create and sign a new deed for the home that includes the wife's name, and then you record it with the registry (or assessor, or local equivalent).

Is it illegal to insure someone else's car in their name and drive car in your name?

You really cannot have a policy issued without the insured person knowing it as they will have to sign the policy as it is a legal contract. If you sign their name you have committed a felony of forgery and this is illegal.

Can someone sign someone else's signature without their permission?


When receiving a package standard USPS does someone need to be home to sign for it?

yes or else they will take it bac ur wecome

Can someone else sign your last will and testement?


Signing on behalf of someone else?

Many people choose to sign something on behalf of someone else. Typically wives and husbands will sign on behalf of their partner.

Is it illegal to sign anything with someone elses signature without consent?

It is illegal to sign anything with someone elses signature WITH or WITHOUT consent. It is a criminal offence called "forgery".

Can you deposit someone else's check in your account?

You can deposit someone else's check in your account if they sign it over to you. They need to endorse it over to the person they wish to have it and sign underneath.

What if payee wants to pass on a cheque to someone else?

i have a payee only cheque can i sign it over to someone else

Can someone else sign you in on Howrse?

Not unless you give them your password or someone finds out what it is.

Can someone sign someone else?

Not unless they have that person's power of attorney to do so.

Is it legal for a wife to forge a husbands signature when they are on good terms?

It is illegal for anyone to knowingly sign someone else's name without a power of attorney granting rights in which to do so.

Is using someones email address to sign into a site illegal?

If you are using someone elses email address, can be illegal.

Your wife is pregnant by someone else do you have to sign the birth certificate?

um no way do you have to sign anything ...

How do you put a sign on somebodys FarmVille?

Click on the sign icon on top of the screen to add a sign while on someone else's farm.

What is the name of the subpoena where someone else can sign?

Thrasher Attendance Center

Is it to sign for someone else's credit card?

I'm pretty sure you're asking "is it illegal to sign for someone else's credit card?" I'm pretty sure that for the most part, provided the user explicitly gives you permission to use their card that it's not against the law. But like taking your parent's card and using it buy some candy without telling them ahead of time (even with the intent to pay them back later and to let them know) is indeed illegal.

Can your supervisor write you up and then have someone else sign it for you because you refuse to sign it?

No, unless you authorize somebody to do it on your behave.

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