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He needs parental consent to move out until he is 18.

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Q: Is it illegal for your 17-year-old boyfriend to live with your parents without his mother's consent?
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Can a 16 year old girl move out of her mothers house and move in with her boyfriend and his mother in the state of Texas?

Not without parental consent.

Can a fifteen year old girl live with her nineteen year old boyfriend legally with her mothers consent if they have a child together?

depends where u live

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Can 23 year old man sign birth certificate as father to a 16 year olds baby without legal r amifications with her mothers consent?

It will depend on the laws in the specific jurisdiction. And the mother cannot consent to something that is illegal.

In New Jersey if I am pregnant and 16 can I move in with my boyfriend without my mothers concent?

The age for emancipation is 18. Therefore, you would have to be married (need parental consent), or have a court order.

Can a father home school without mothers consent?

Yes they can

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Is it illegal for the mothers boyfriend to spank the mothers child?

* It depends what the spanking laws are in your State, but no boyfriend should be spanking your child. You both should decide on discipline according to the State Law and agree to back each other on any decisions of punishment. If spanking laws are legal in your State then you should try other methods of punishment first and if spanking is necessary then you should do it and NOT your boyfriend!

Can the stepmother take the child out of town without the mothers consent?

Town, yes. State, maybe, with the father's written consent.

Im 15 years old can i legally get married without my mothers consent if your boyfriend is 16 years old?

I'm sorry to say that you cannot get married at 15 even if your boyfriend is 16. Your mother has to say that it is ok and his parents need to say that also.

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I am 15 and im pregnant can i legally move in with my boyfriend without my mothers consent?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. You are still subject to your parent's rules and authority until you turn 18. And if you runaway and Boyfriend takes you in, he can get into a whole lot of legal trouble over it.

Does the father need the mothers consent to visit another state with son?

Not unless you are in a custody battle. It is only if you are going out of the country that you need consent

If you live in UK at 16 can you get a tattoo with mothers consent?

No, the only way is if it for medical reasons.

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Can an older girl date 14yr old with 14yr olds mothers consent?

Yes but it should be a written consent and It also depends how old is "older"/

Can a mother take her children out of New Jersey without the fathers consent?

yes the mothers have the right to

Can ex partner take DNA test without mothers consent?

Only the legal guardian can give consent to a medical procedure. If she says no you can get a court order.

Is it illegal for a mother to share a room with 2 children?

no its the mothers children. she had them. so no

You are 15 and pregnant and want to move out with your boyfriend who is 18. He will be in the navy. you live in Oklahoma is there a way you can move without your mothers consent?

No. The only way you become emancipated when pregnant is emancipation regarding your baby and your health. Everything else is like it was before.

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Can a father that has joint custody with the mother sign a child up to a new school without the consent of the mothers?


Can a father give the maternal grandmother guardianship without the mothers consent?

No. Only the court could make that decision.

Can a child choose to live with an uncle without their mothers consent in ga?

Only if the mother has no legal rights to that child.