Is it illegal have something hanging from your rear view mirror?

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Yes. It is classified as "An Obstruction to Vision" and IS a violation of the vehicle codes. of most(all?) states. It is normally overlooked but at the discretion of the officer he may issue a violation if they feel it is, in fact, an obstruction (e.g.: too big - too distracting - etc).
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How do you replace a rear view mirror on an '86 Honda Prelude?

How to remove mirror from Preludes . I just took one off at a junk yard. It's not obvious...... All you have to do though is grab the rear view mirror with both hands, and yank it down, and toward the back seat, fairly hard. The mirror and the mount both come off, with a screw that stays in t ( Full Answer )

What glue is used for rear view mirror?

You can purchase Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive to replace the rear view mirror at any auto parts store or Walmart. Follow the directions to the letter.

How do you remove the inside rear view mirror on a Ford Tempo?

look at the bracket where your rear veiw mirror attaches to the windshield,,, ok then on the bottom side there is a little hexagon screw,,,take it out with a small Allen wrench,,then slip the rear veiw mirror up off the steel base that is glued to the winsheild itself,, you should have no problem

How you replace rear view mirror on Subaru?

Earlier model rearview mirrors subaru Older models you just pulled them out the wre held in by a big clip.I hope that awnsers ot being able to find any screws ect Newer models 2000 and later have a cam mount. Rotate the the bracket attached to the mount that is glued to the window 180 degrees and t ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the rear view mirror on a 190e?

My understanding is that it's spring loaded and only requires a solid tug and 1/2. ** I can say from first-hand experience, ( Oct. 3, 2012) that no matter the hard "tugging" and anything else I did to make this move ( stem part only- mirror had fallen apart thus needing replacement); until I lost ( Full Answer )

Why are rear-view and side view mirrors on vehicles convex?

This gives the driver a wider field of vision. Usually only the passenger side mirror is convex.. The reflective surface of a convex mirror curves outward like the outer surface of a ball or globe. An object observed by looking at its reflection in a convex mirror appears to be smaller than actual ( Full Answer )

How do you remove rear view mirror?

To remove rear view mirror on a Mercedes 180E, just give it a good tug towards you, it will come off, as it is spring loaded, very hard to put the new on need two people, but with bit of patience its done.

How do you remove the rear view mirror?

most mirriors that i have seen or held on by adhesive, you just have to give it a nice tug, but before you take the mirrior off use a dry erase marker to mark the location of your mirrior on the outside of the window, and before you put new adhesive on make sure the window is totally clean and dry

How do you reattach a rear view mirror?

Go to a parts store and pick up a glue kit made just for that;Follow the directions. MAKE SURE you glue that mounting plate onthe right way---with smaller part of bevel to the glass!

Rear view mirror removal?

To remove the rear view mirror on your vehicle, first remove thescrew holding the mirror to the bracket. Then, reach over the topof the remaining portion of the mirror and press down on the stem.This causes it to pop off of the window.

How do you glue a rear view mirror on the window?

Special glue required Available at auto parts stores The glue comes in a kit with instructions on how to prep and apply. The trick is get everything very clean and follow all preparation instructions. Glue the metal button on, let it set for at least 24 hours before reattaching the mirror how ( Full Answer )

How do you reattach a rear view mirror on a 2002 Chevrolet Tracker?

I am assuming that you are refering to the one on the windshield. On the piece that attaches to the glass, you will need to take a flat file and file it until it it level. At the auto parts store they have a special adhesive. Follow the directions.

Remove rear view mirror from a 1995 f-150?

TIn order to remove the rear view mirror from 1995 f-150 take avery thin, flat screw driver and press it in the bottom slot. Thiswill release the clip and the mirror can then be slided upwards andremoved.

Rear view mirror anti glare?

rear view mirror ha a wedged shaped glass (unlike rectangular in normal mirrors) and a reflecting surface. in day time the rear surface of the glass is along the reflective surface, hence we see normal reflection. during the night time, in anti glare mode, we tilt only the reflecting surface a ( Full Answer )

How do you remove BMW rear view mirror?

Just did it in my 2004 330Ci. Not sure what version of mirror you have. Mine had alarm red strobe and "SOS" button, electrochromatic.. The mirror mounts onto one post near the top of the window.. Follow this link, look down the thread for the instructions. Works great.. ( Full Answer )

Who invented the rear view mirror?

The first known rear view mirror was seen mounted on a racing carin the first Indianapolis 500 motor race. It was mounted on the carof Ray Harroun.

How do you tighten the rear view mirror on a Hyundai?

On an XG350: Note: You may want to remove the mirror from the windshield first to make the following steps easier. It's not necessary, but it's up to you. If so, pry off the plastic cover at the top of the mirror stalk, disconnect the power cord, and then pull the mirror downwards and parallel to t ( Full Answer )

How do you remove Subaru rear view mirror?

3.3 Camlock Mirror Removal procedure: (Common Method). " Grasp the base of the mirror. " Rotate 90 degrees left or right. " Slide mirror downward toward dash to remove.

What is the auto button on rear view mirror for?

Check your user manual but usually the auto button on Rear view mirrors either darken or slightly change angles when in direct sunlight so it does not obscure your view.

Yukon rear view mirror temp compass not working?

There's actually an on/off button for the temp/compass display on the mirror. It is the button located on the left front of the mirror itself. Push this and the display should turn on.

What mirror is used as rear view mirror?

Important things for car rear view mirror monitor is when the monitor power off, it would looks like a real mirror,so the the driver can use it as a rear rear mirror,and when power on,it wil be the monitor to diplay the DVD or work together with car camera for the car reverse or car parking. Blue ( Full Answer )

Why do you use a convex mirror as a rear view mirror in vehicles?

"Convex mirrors are used to provide a wider than a flat mirror, and are often used on vehicles, especially large trucks, to minimise )."

How do you fix rear view mirror?

To fix a rear view mirror; you need to go to an autoparts store and pick up some rear view mirror glue and follow the directions on the package. If done right it will be as good as new.

02 Hyundai XG350 tighten rear view mirror?

Note: You may want to remove the mirror from the windshield first to make the following steps easier. It's not necessary, but it's up to you. If so, pry off the plastic cover at the top of the mirror stalk, disconnect the power cord, and then pull the mirror downwards and parallel to the windshield ( Full Answer )

Why are convex mirrors used in rear view mirrors?

It is because image formed by an convex mirror is always virtual, erect and smaller than the object. They are more helpful than the plane mirror because they give a wider view.

Why are rear view mirrors in automobiles made of convex mirrors?

Convex mirror is curved outward so that it reflects a wider viewing area. The images reflected in convex mirror appear smaller and closer.. Convex mirrors are generally labeled with safety warning "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" , to warn the driver to be cautious while driving.. ( Full Answer )

Is a rear view mirror convex?

Yes. In convex mirrors, the image is always erect and diminished, at whatever distance the object may be in front of the mirror. The convex mirror has a wide field of view and hence is used as a rear view( or driving) mirror in vehicles, to view the traffic behind.

What type of mirror is a rear view mirror?

the one you see whats happening behind your car, so when youre sitting in the driver seat, its the mirror where usually a "Scent" thingy is hung in..

What type of glue do you use to reattach rear view mirror?

There is a special type available at auto parts stores, possibly at some place like Wal Mart. Use a single edge razor blade to make sure all the old glue is off the windshield and the mounting plate. Put just a drop or two of glue on the plate and hold it in place over night with some tape.

Where can you purchase a rear view mirror button?

When changing the fuel filter unscrew the gas cap first and it will release the pressure so fuel will not come out during the change. I have a 95 Chevy Lumina and yes I am a girl. LOL

Why do we use convex mirror as rear view mirrors in vehicles?

convex mirrors basically provide a wider view of the image andthus makes the driver to see the cars behind clearly without anyproblem. . ++ . That's so but in fact they do have one important effect, that ofmaking the reflected objects seem further way than they are. Thisis why many larger vehicles ( Full Answer )

What is a rear view mirror?

A rear view mirror is a piece of reflective glass that is typically glued to the windshield of a vehicle to allow the driver of said vehicle to see out the back window without needing to turn around.

What are rear view mirrors typically used for?

Rear view mirrors are installed in the majority of motorized vehicles. Rear view mirrors are on vehicles to be able to see behind the user while driving either backing up, or changing lanes.

Which rear view mirror is used in a car?

When I drive, I use all of them - alternately scanning the interiorrear view and both side exterior mirrors - so that I know what isgoing on around me. I probably use the interior rear view most.