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Is it illegal in the state of Wisconsin to repossess a vehicle?

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No it is not illegal, in fact it is quite legal and usually occurs as I was informed when you are 74 days past due. There is the same peaceful rule. In other words if you object or keep the car locked in a garage they can not force you to relinquish.

2008-10-23 02:20:46
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Is it illegal to reposses a vehicle outside the stste?

No it's not illegal to repossess a car outside the state. It is illegal to leave the state with the car that you have defaulted on the loan.

Who can repossess your car?

An Authorized Recovery agent working on behalf of the lien holder can repossess the vehicle from the lessee. It is Illegal in the state of Indiana for someone who works for/ at the car lot or for the lien holder to repossess a vehicle under the car lot/ lien holder's company name. The duty of repossessing a car must be hired out to a recovery agency.

Can an illegal immigrant get a state id in Wisconsin?

no it can not

In the state of Wisconsin can a car company repossess your car without a written notification and contacting the police?

All repossessions in the state of Wisconsin must have a valid repossession order, however police notification is not necessary. If your vehicle has been recovered by the lienholder, you may not receive the repossession notification immediately.

What are the state laws for repossession in the state of Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a loan company can repossess a vehicle when it is just 1 payment behind. These companies can also repossess a vehicle at any time of the day or night as long as they do not breach the peace.

Is a warrant or court needed to repossess a vehicle in the state of Tennessee?

No. The lienholder is the rightful owner of the vehicle, and can reclaim their property as needed.

Can the company keep your license plate after they repossess your vehicle?

Only if the tags stay with the car in that state.

Do you need the call the local police in Minnesota when you repossess a vehicle?

You need to call the police in ANY state ASAP after repoing a vehicle.

Are lamborghinis illegal in Georgia?

No, a Lamborghini is not an illegal vehicle in the state of Georgia.

Why is it illegal to hunt an albino deer in the state of Wisconsin?

Yes no hunting them there.

Is hitchhiking illegal in Wisconsin?

"no it is not illegal in Wisconsin - This would be found under State Statute 346.29(1), it reads - NO PERSON SHALL BE ON A ROADWAY FOR THE PURPOSE OF SOLICITING A RIDE FROM THE OPERATOR OF ANY VEHICLE OTHER THAN A PUBLIC PASSENGER VEHICLE - Hope this helps..." ACTUALLY, it is legal to hitchhike in wisconsin. the law says "no person shall be ON roadway" this means do not stand in the actually road, it is legal to hitchhike as long as you arent in a driving lane.

Can a minor own a vehicle in the state of Wisconsin?

A minor can own a vehicle in the state of Wisconsin, but under certain circumstances. The minor parents or guardian must sign a statement that consent the minor to purchase the motor vehicle and is ok with the purchase.

Can title loan company repossess your car in another state?

Yes. The lienholder is the rightful, legal owner of the vehicle, and can take possession of that vehicle anywhere.

Is a repossession vehicle allowed to repossess a vehicle inside a private community in the state of Florida?

If the repossessor is allowed in, yes. They cannot force their way into the community.

Are clove cigarettes illegal in the state of Wisconsin?

No. Apparently only Maryland, Utah and New Mexico have them listed as illegal.

Can the state of North Carolina charge for personal property when they repossess your car?

The state doesn't repossess your car - private companies do that on behalf of the lienholder. They don't charge you for private property left in your car when they repossess it - that would be illegal. They charge a "storage fee" for the items they remove from your car. Underhanded, yes, but they can legally do it.

Is it legal to repossess a car in Michigan from a repair shop?

Yes. A lienholder is the lawful and sole owner of that vehicle, and it doesn't matter where they repossess it from, so long as they do it in accordance with state laws for repossession.

In the state of North Carolina does the reposession man need a Writ of Replevin in in order to repossess a vehicle?

habeas corpus

In Florida is it legal for a company to repossess your vehicle if that is your only means of transportation to and from work?

YES,its legal in every state.

If a lender sues for arrearages which state laws apply when the car was bought in Minnesota and titled in Wisconsin?

They can repossess your vehicle at any time. As long as they're the lienholder on the title, it doesn't matter where the car is titled. * If a lender sues for arrearages and fees the laws of the state where the car was purchased apply, not the state in which the car is titled.

If you live in the state of Georgia and there is a lien against your vehicle but no money is owed can they repossess the vehicle?

A lien means that money is owed on your vehicle. If there is no more money owed, then there is no longer a lien, and the vehicle cannot be repossessed.

What legal qualifications or licenses are required to become a vehicle repossession agent in the state of Nebraska?

What qualifications and licenses are required to repossess vehicles in the state of Nebraska?

Does the lien holder have the right to repossess your car if you left on a handshake and you had no contract and it was a private lender?

Yes. If the lien is valid, a written contract is not necessary and the holder can legally repossess the vehicle in conjunction with the existing laws of the state in which the vehicle is located or in some cases where it was sold.

Is it illegal to leave trailer hitch in vehicle in ny state?


Is it illegal to drive without a driver side mirror in Wisconsin?

Yes. It is in any state.