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Is it illegal to be in love with a teacher that is a girl and you are a girl?


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There is nothing illegal in being in love with somebody.

Child and Teacher relationships are illegal though so it would be beneficial if you focused your love on somebody else that is not in a position of trust over you.

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It's illegal. If the teacher did anything he would be arrested. So unless you want that to happen you'll forget about it. Your only 17, you've got ages to realise what love is.

Good. It is almost always illegal to have a relationship with your teacher. Your teacher would lose their job and possibly go to jail.

Yes. The student and the teacher are in a rleationship that is different from romance, and it is illegal for a teacher to have a romantic contact with a student. Both the student AND the teacher are in for major legal problems- and the age difference between the two is far too great. Bad idea.

illegal! if they are a minor, but still illegal!

Yes. Especially if the teacher is a old male. GROSS!

That's not a question. Technically you should put 'Do you love a teacher?' or 'Do I love a teacher?'

No. It is not illegal for a teacher and a student to be friends. They can be friends if they want to. Just be careful of it. Roxana Brough ;)

you dont. She's just a child, and anything you do with her in that way is illegal.

Yes it's called paedaphillia, it is illegal.

Legal to love her, illegal to act on it... if you know what i mean.

If you fall in love with a teacher, you will be treading on very dangerous ground. Your teacher may be a lot older than you and if you are a minor, any kind of relationship between you other than teacher-student is illegal. You must ensure that nothing happens between you, move on and find someone your own age.

out side of self defense its illegal to hit anyone but its imoral to hit a girl

This question probably shouldn't be in the relationships section, because that would be illegal, but if you just want respect from your teacher then put in as much effort as you can, make conversation and behave well. They appreciate it a lot if you try hard. If you are, in fact, in love with your teacher, then you should know that there are plenty of people your age.

that's fine but id stick with boys about my age

If the teacher takes it away from one of their students and throws it away then it probably is illegal. But if the teacher bought it making it legaly theirs then it is legal.

If you see this then you should report it to someone so it can be sorted out!!!!

No. It is illegal for a teacher to act this way with a student.

No, it is no more illegal for a teacher to text a student than to email a student. It would be inappropriate for such to happen without the prior knowledge of the parents of the student, but not illegal.

You would do it just the same as you would hint to anyone that you love them. The issue here is that this type of relationship is illegal in the United States and it is not advised that you do this due to the damage that it can cause.

Well it seems a little odd that this 11 year old loves her teacher that's in his/her 30s. To put it bluntly, no this teacher is much too old for a person that young. Now if its like a family love then yes, romantically no.

It is illegal for him to hit or touch her. It is illegal for her to hit him. It is battery.

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