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Is it illegal to finger a girl?


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Sex is not illegal unless it's against someone's will or if they are not of legal age.

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When you finger a girl you use your finger and put it inside her vagina, then you go in and out like you would with a penis.

out side of self defense its illegal to hit anyone but its imoral to hit a girl

Depends on where the finger goes later. If its used to finger the girl it's unlikely but not impossible.

yes you can have them no you cant XD

You slowly stick your finger in her vagina.

Just use your index finger.

If the person's ring finger is longer than the index finger, it's a boy. If the index finger is longer the ring finger, it's a girl. Hope this helped!

u get ur middle finger (because its the longest) and where the hole is that the penis goes into the vagina, place ur finger there then push into her and out The question was " how SHOULD a boy finger a girl " and NOT how a boy SHOULDN'T finger a girl, that is how you don't do it, unless you don't want her to let you do it again.

You finger the vaginait is the middle hole

It could be construed as sexual abuse...

Yes. That is considered child molestation.

No, he didn't. She has her pinky, ring finger, middle finger and thumb showing. Her index finger is concealed by the book.

It is illegal for him to hit or touch her. It is illegal for her to hit him. It is battery.

A girl can touch herself with a finger.

not every girl does but a Lot do

either You can finger a girl in the vagina (if you know where it is) if you want but she will appreciate you more if you can find and finger her clitoris (clit). This is the tiny knob found at the top of her labia.

You shove your finGer up her vagina and make her scream

A girl will not die from putting a finger into her vagina.

The ring finger for the girl is her on her left hands second finger, the one near the small finger on the left hand.

they finger their vagina

wen a girl shoves a finger up ur butt wen a girl shoves a finger up ur butt

Yes A Girl Can Finqer Herself.It Normal Masterbation Is The Best Sex You Can Have.Your Testinq Yourself To See What You Like. Just to say: the person that asked this question said HOW can a girl finger herself. You answered the question CAN a girl finger herslef.

you are not suppose to finger anyone at 15yrs old go finger your momma You Dont! Simple

Just stick it in like you are having sex with her but with your finger.

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