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First: NO, it is perfectly legal to import prescription drugs for which you have a prescription.

I think what you meant was: "Is it illegal to buy drugs from Another Country without prescription and import them?"

For America, typically yes, especially for stimulants and painkillers, which are always controlled substances because people always are trying to get their hands on them. See

I don't know how accurate the material is, but you can only import an FDA unapproved drug if you have a valid medical reason, and I guess the FDA expressly wants a "doctors note" to say it's OK, but not a prescription. But if you're importing a drug for an FDA approved reason, it says it's illegal.

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What drugs are illegal in sport?

Any drug that requires a prescription (unless you have the a prescription) as well as illegal drugs.

You are American but how do you get prescription drugs in Canada?


Is it illegal to possess generic drugs?

Not if you have a prescription for them.

Report illegal sale of prescription drugs?

You can report illegal sales of prescription drugs to your local law enforcement agency. How can one report to a doctor

How are medicines and drugs the same?

For medicine you need a prescription and drugs are illegal.

Do people sell drugs on eBay?

Illegal drugs and prescription-only drugs cannot be sold on eBay. Non-prescription drugs are sometimes available.

Prescription drugs that have illegal drugs in them?

Huh? If it's dispensed by prescription, there is nothing illegal about it. All prescription medications are certified and passed by the Food and Drug Administration. If they pass it, it is "per se" legal.

What is the law on buying and selling prescription drugs?


What drugs cause positive for drug test?

99% of illegal drugs will show up on a full scale lab test as well as most prescription drugs. Illegal and prescription drugs are usually made from similar substances.

What are some elegal drugs?

Illegal drugs include cocaine, crank, weed, any drug that you do not have a prescription for can be illegal.

What drugs are tested for on parole?

All of them, but obviously they are looking speficially for illegal drugs. Prescription drugs will show up, and a prescription will be necessary to verify the reason for the presence of the drugs.

Can Americans import prescription drugs from Canada?

yes but only if they are licensed or have permission to

What is the number one US import?

illegal drugs and missiles.

Narcotics are pain killing drugs?

Narcotics is the name for prescription drugs. Legal and illegal.

Is it legal or illegal to take prescription drugs that have been prescribed for another person?


How drugs are manufactured?

it depends which one your talking about, if your talking about illegal drugs then .. illegal drugs is people bring them illegally here to USA, if prescription then pharmacy do it.

Prescription drugs May be illegal to take when driving?


Is it illegal to buy drugs from a doctor online with no prescription?


Are suboxines illegal drugs?

Suboxone can be obtained by prescription only.

What is illegal import and export of products?

Alcohol, drugs, and maybe guns.

Possession of drugs?

Unless you possess a valid doctors prescription for them, it is illegal.

How do you get high off of prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs can cause serious (or FATAL) results if abused. Using them recreationally is both illegal and extremely unsafe.

What are facts about prescription drug abuse?

Taking prescription drugs may be even destructive as illegal/illicit drugs do. Taking prescription drugs for several reasons can be very risky because a user will eventually fall to addiction. Prescription drug abuse may also have the same signs with illegal but there could be possibly more treatments to be given.

Is it illegal to order meds online?

As long as you have a valid prescription, there is nothing illegal about ordering drugs online.

What illegal drugs are opiates?

Opiates are legal, as long as you have a valid prescription. They are considered illegal if you have obtained them without a prescription. The only completely illegal opiate out there is heroin, being as it is never prescribed.