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Is it illegal to lie about your age at the time of marriage?

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Yes, you are falsifying legal documents. In some states there are specific penalties for getting married under false pretenses and even the individual performing the wedding can get into trouble. *Only if you are underage, in which case the identification documents required would be false and that would be the fraudulent act. FYI, all state's require proof of age, preferably a birth certificate and other documentation such as Social Security card, driver license or state ID, passport, etc. before a license will be issued.

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What happens if you lie about your age on the internet?

Nothing.It is not illegal to lie about your age on the internet. It is illegal to lie to try to gain certain documents.

Is it illegal to lie about your age on facebook?

no but you should not do it.

If you lie about your age at a tanning salon is it illegal?


Is it illegal to lie about your age?

In relationships, it is not illegal to lie about your age, but it is immoral. For example: If you are planning on having sexual intercourse with a minor, or vice versa, the lying of the age is immoral and the sexual intercourse is illegal. Another example: If you are 40 and dating a 20 year old, you may wish to lie about your age and tell them you are younger. This is not illegal but is immoral. It is also risky as it may cause complications if you are confronted about your lie.

Is it illegal to lie about your age online?

It isn't illegal. But it is lying, and lying is rather immoral. Lying about your age could cause problems such as over-exposure to yourself or others.

Can you be 10 to get an aim account?

to get an aim account you have to be 13 for safety reasons but i have noticed many people have lied about their age (unlike me or my friends because you should not lie about your age) i think it is illegal to lie about your age so i do not recommend it

Is it illegal to lie about your age while signing up?

No, unless you do it to try to obtain private content or documents.

If you lie on your marriage license is it a legal marriage?

It will depend on what the lie was about. If the truth would have resulted in no license being issued, it would not be a legal marriage. If it is something such as the wrong age, but still old enough to get married, it probably would not be considered to nullify the marriage, but it could be used to show their lack of trustworthiness in court.

If you were married in California to a person who is already married to someone else in Canada which you didn't know about will your marriage be valid?

Of course not. In order to get married in California, they would have to lie on their marriage license application which will invalidate the license and make the marriage illegal.

Is it illegal to lie about your age to a website?

Yes. Some people just do it to impress people or be on cool websites. But people who do it. DON'T ! If you lie about your age in order to obtain goods or services that you would normally be excluded from - then yes !

Is it illegal to lie to cops about who was driving during car accident?

haha its illegal to lie to a cop period.

If an illegal immigrant Came to the us at age three illegally married a us citizen and now they have two kids is it easier to get a green card?

No it will not be easier to get a green card. And how did they illegally marry? If they were issued a marriage license, and they did not lie on the application, they are legally married.

In Wyoming if you lie about your age and are under 18 years old is it a legal marriage?

No. Below 18 you need parental consent.

Can a marriage be annulled because of a lie on the license?

Yes, it can be. Depends on the lie.

If you have to be under 12 to participate in an Easter Egg hunt Is it illegal to lie about your age?

If it requires parental consent, it would be illegal for parents to misrepresent your age. But because in any case there is very little likelihood of any legal action, the more important question is a moral one: In this case, do you yourself feel that it is morally wrong to lie?

Is it legal to lie about gmail age?

To lie is not legal at all. But people generally lie about gmail age. However it is not ethical to lie about it.

Is it legal to marry in the US if you're married in another country?

No. You can only be married to one person at a time, regardless of where you got married. In order to get a marriage license in the US, you have to swear that you are not already married. To lie about that and then get married is called bigamy and it is illegal in the USA.

Why did Eminem lie about his age in 1999?

Because labels always want artists to lie that they are younger, more time to milk them for as long as they can.

Is it Illegal to lie to get people fired?

no... do it :D

Can teens be married secretly?

No, teens under the age of 18 are minors and cannot be married secretly because a marriage certificate has to be filed with Vital Statistics. If the teens lie about their age and the person marrying them does not bother to check for proper ID, then the marriage can be annulled by the parents.

Should you tell a lie to save your marriage?

Honesty is the key to marriage. Try counsiling

Why did Justin bieber lie about his age?

He didn't lie about he's age that's a rumor ...

What an age to get a Facebook?

Jus lie about your age but if u over 13 or14 u don't have to lie about your age

If a US citizen marries an illegal and they lie on their marriage license is it valid?

I am not a lawyer, and as such I am not entitled to give legal counsel, but if the marriage can be proven to be a sham, it can be dissolved and the alien can be deported. This is fairly rare, has happened in few cases, but the other party in such can be held liable for fraud.

Is my marriage legal if my wife lied about her age?

If the marriage was legal in every other way then the answer is yes. However, it would help to know your wife's current age and how long you have been married. In some states the marriage may be voidable if one of the spouses challenges it. If you have questions about the validity of your marriage you should consult with an attorney who specializes in family law.

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