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Is it illegal to marry a US citizen for the purpose of getting a green card?

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Entereing into a fraudulent marriage of convenience to obtain permanent residence status and/or citizenship is a federal felony offense. If convicted both parties are subject to a maximum sentence of 5 years in a federal facility and a $200,000 fine. After serving the imposed sentence the foreign national will be deported and permanently barred from reentering the US. If the citizen spouse is also convicted he or she will have a permanent record of a federal felony after serving the imposed sentence. Marriage to a US citizen no longer guarantees permanent residency or citizenship to a foreign national who is unlawfully present within the US.

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Can a US Citizen file green card for his illegal brother?

Yes, but if the brother is not 245(i) qualified, there is nothing the citizen brother can do to make illegal brother legal.

In what states can a us citizen marry an illgal alien so he can get the green card?

Please answer in what states can a us citizen marry an illegal alien to get the green card

How long an us citizen has to be marry to an illegal alien to get the green card?

About 7

How should a US citizen who does not work married to an illegal immigrant who works illegally help him get a green card?

the US citizen shouldn't

How can an illegal immigrant that is married to a US citizen and has children be deported?

no green card or faulty marriage

Can US citizen divorce an illegal immigrant who doesnt have green card.?

If you are married, you can apply for divorce.

Is a child born in the US a citizen if both the parents are illegal aliens?

depends if they are green or blue.

In what way can a person become a citizen of the US?

One may become a US citizen by getting a "Green Card".

What if an illegal immigrant have a child with a green card holder?

If the baby was in the U.S. then the child is a US citizen. However, an illegal DOES NOT get legal status merely by having a citizen child, and in fact is still subject to deportation. The government does IN FACT deport illegals with citizen children.

Can a citizen of the UK in the US with a green card marry an illegal alien in the US from Mexico without any problems renewing his green card.?

Depends- there have been some cases where a LPR, when trying to become a citizen, has been found to lack moral character when married to an illegal.

Can your daughter become a us citizen if she has her father last name you are a green card holder and your husband is illegal?

Depends on where she was born. If she was born in the United States she is all ready a citizen. If she was born outside the country she would have to apply for citizenship. Since your are not a citizen and your husband is illegal she is not a citizen unless born here.

Is it possible for a married illegal Mexican to marry a United States Citizen for a green card?

No. first of all because when a person is already married cannot marry another, unless he first gets a divorce from 1st. spouse, after he is divorced he may marry but if its for the purpose of getting legal residency immigration law prohibits it.

If you are a us citizen and you are married to an illegal alien from Mexico can he become legal?

Yes, but only if you apply for a green card.

How does an illegal Mexican get a green card if married to an US citizen?

Lie about ur wife say she is mexican too

Can a us citizen marry an illegal immigrant for money so she can get a green card?

Absolutely not, don't even think about it.

Is there a law that says a us citizen married to an illegal immigrant for a year that the immigrant can then apply for green card?

No he cannot

How can illegal alien with resident child get a green card?

If entry was ILLEGAL, and there was no form I-130 filed before April 2001, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE to get a green card, even with an anchor baby/marriage to a U.S. citizen.

What penalties does us citizen face if marry a illegal immigrant with out go for visa or green card?

The illegal partner will probably be repatriated to his/her home country or be imprisioned prior to deportation. The American citizen may be fined or criminally charged.

What happens if an illegal immigrant on a visa lived in your house and had a baby?

Well the baby is a U.S. Citizen and since the baby is a U.S. Citizen, in time the "illegal immigrant" may be able to get a green card and first of all an illegal immigrant isn't illegal if they have a visa, except if they were living and working in the U.S on a tourist visa,

A wife is a citizen and she marry an immigrant is her husband now a citizen?

No. If he was illegal before, he's still illegal. He will need to go through the system to seek a green card. If he already has violated U.S. laws, he may never be able to seek citizenship.

How can an illegal immigrant married to a US citizen and they have a baby here in the US become a US citizen?

You don't actually have to have a baby if you're married to a US citizen. If married to a US citizen for 3 years, I believe you automatically have a green card. If you have a baby, I think it would be a little quicker to get the green card. It happened to my brother, then she divorced him.

Can an illegal alien who is married to a US citizen and convicted of a felony get a green card?

No. A felony conviction disqualifies you from getting a resident alien card (aka green card); even a misdemeanor can, depending on the nature of the offense. Either case can lead to deportation, so tread carefully.

What steps are to be taken for an illegal person and a us citizen after getting married to become legal in the US The person came legally but overstayed the time and was fearful of his life to return?

You will be eligible to get green card if you fulfill requirements as: Stay continuously in US for 10 years Married with US citizen for 3 years Have child US citizen Clean criminal record

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant and leaves her does she still gets her green card?

My guess is no. You have to prove that you have a real marriage to stay.

Can you still stay in the country if you have your green card and are married to a us citizen and have a child and are getting a divorce?

Yes, if you have a green card then you can stay in the country.