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Yes! This is a potential infringement of copyright and trademark laws. Since a logo is often a trademark for a particular product or brand, using the logo without explicit permission is punishable by law. And because most logos are more than mere letters, they usually have copyright protection. So using the logo may be seen as a copyright violation. If you want to use another's logo, seek a license or contact them to see what you might be able to do with it. You'd also be wise to consult a lawyer.

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How do designers get their tooling for clothing?

they either go to the store and buy it or they simply just make it by knitting or crochetting

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fashion designers mostly need an education in art and clothing design in sewing. most fashion designers either have a masters or bachelors degree in fashion designing. most people with a formal education will have the best opportunities in the fashion designing industry though.

What do fashion designers do when they are done designing?

they usaully either start sewing and constucting the clothing object or save it to see if the other members of that company like it thx darling lollipop914 >:)

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I think they shouldn't because if you take them away you can't protect yourself. You can't use concealed carry either.

Is it possible to build do it yourself multiple small houses without a contractor?

Yes, it is possible. All you do is cut out the middle-man, and either find the workers yourself or do the work yourself (the latter is often illegal with regards to things like electricity and plumbing).

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For the best decorations of patio there are designers available. Either you can consult with them, or even if you yourself is creative in nature enough, go ahead with your ideas. to help you on this web sits are available. you can check them too.

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This question is a matter of opinion, rather than of objective fact. You could make a statistical, emotional, and logical standpoint for either side of this argument. There is no right or wrong answer. You should work on deciding for yourself whether or not YOU believe it should be illegal.

How can you get set in stains out of clothing?

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How can you get set stains out of clothing?

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Is it yourself and John or John and yourself?

It's "you and John" or "John and you". Either way, but it's you, not yourself.

Is it illegal to kill a Luna moth?

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Is downloading movie from video box legal or illegal?

No this is deffenantly illegal. The copying of movies is not legal either.

Where to get white dye in fable 2?

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