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Federal law states that one party of the conversation must know that the conversation is being taped. In other words, I can tape a conversation between me and someone else, but I can't tape a conversation that doesn't involve me.

The recording of a non-electronic conversation under West Virginia law is only legal if the party being recorded had no expectation of the conversation being private.

In other words, recording such conversation would have to be done in a public place.

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Is recording an In-Person conversation with concealed recording device illegal in Texas?

No. As long as you are a party to the conversation then you do not have to tell them you are recording them.

Is recording a conversation illegal in Texas?

Not if you are a party to that conversation.

Is it illegal to tape a person's conversation in Arizona if you have concealed a recording device?

No it is not unless you use it for blackmail then they can go to the police and have you fined $2,000 and arrested with minimum chance of getting bail

Is it illegal to secretly tape a person's conversation in a public place in new jersey if you have a concealed recording device?

Not if you're a part of it. If you are only a bystander and do not participate in the conversation, no, you may not, unless you have received permission from at least oneof the parties involved.

What is the Virginia concealed knife law?

Concealed knives are illegal in Virginia, as are a host of other weapons. However, you can carry a concealed handgun if you have the permit. Virginia Code Section 18.2-311 Virginia Code Section 18.2-308

Is it illegal to tape a person's conversation in Virginia using a concealed recording device on you?

Probably not. Virgina has a "one party" wiretapping law, which covers all oral communication where the parties have some expectation of privacy.If you're one of the parties in the conversation (so that the people you're taping know that you're listening to them), then it's perfectly legal for you to use a concealed recording device and tape the conversation.If you're not a party to the conversation but the speakers don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy (you're sitting at the next table in a public restaurant), then it's probably legal, because the speakers would have a hard time arguing that they had no idea that the conversation they were having in a public place could possibly be overheard or intercepted.If you're not a party to the conversation and the speakers have reasonable cause to think their conversation is private (you planted a bug in someone's living room), then it's illegal.

Is it illegal carry a boot knife in Virginia?

No it is not, provided it is not concealed in your boot ironically. You can OPEN carry, but not conceal carry.

Is it legal to tape a conversation between yourself and an employer?

Yes, as long as you are a party to that conversation. Just because it is not illegal does not mean that an employer has to allow it. They will have a policy regarding recording devices.

Is it illegal to audio tape a neighbor in New Mexico without permission?

Audio tapng is the same thing as recording..... it is illegal to do so without warning the other party to the conversation.

Is it illegal to tape a person's conversation in Illinois if you have a concealed recording device on you?

By federal law you can tape any conversation you are a part of.However, Illinois's state criminal code specifies that:A person commits eavesdropping when he:(1) Knowingly and intentionally uses aneavesdropping device for the purpose of hearing or recording all or any part of any conversation or intercepts, retains, or transcribes electronic communication unless he does so (A) with the consent of all of the parties to such conversation or electronic communication or (B) in accordance with Article 108A or Article 108B of the "Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963", approved August 14, 1963, as amended;See related link

Is it illegal to tape a person's conversation in Iowa if you have a concealed recording device on you?

The question seems to be confining the contact as person-to-person, and IN PERSON (i.e.: face-to-face). While researching this question I came upon many references to the tape recording of PHONE CALLS, but found the below cite in a labor law article published by a IA law firm specializing in Labor Law matters, dated "Summer 2009." Thus... I believe the information contained therein to probably be accurate. It read, "ln Iowa, only one party to the conversation needs to know and consent to the recording of the conversation."Added: Please note that BOTH the below links confine their information to the tape recording of PHONEconversations and do not address the recording of face-to-face, inter-personal conversations.

Is it illegal in Ireland for one person to record an argument or conversation without the knowledge of the second person?

I don't know the specifics for Ireland but generally the process of recording itself is not illegal but if the recording were to be played publically you might be in trouble. Evidence to be used in a legal proceeding gathered in this way will not always be admissible.

Is it illegal to record a phone conversation between two different people in Oklahoma?

There are 2 different opinions here...ANSWER 1:No it is not, as long as the person recording is a party to the conversation. ANSWER 2:I was just searching & reviewing the laws for Oklahoma last week, concerning whether it's legal to secretly (or without all parties knowledge) record a conversation. I do know that in Oklahoma only 1 party of the conversation needs to consent to the recording, if it is a face to face conversation. However, if over the telephone, I'm real sure that all parties of the conversation have to formed at the beginning of recording.See Oklahoma Statutes Annotated, Title 13, § 176.4(5)

Is it illegal to record phone conversation in Texas?

Not if you are a party to that conversation.

Is carrying a concealed weapon considered a felony?

Yes it is Actually, it depends. Carrying of a concealed weapon isn't automatically illegal. Carrying of a PROHIBITED weapon is illegal, but not always a felony.

Is it illegal to record someone's activities without their consent or knowledge?

This depends both on what state you live in as well as the type and place of recording. Please provide further detail, and I can provide you with a better response. In some cases, it is illegal, and in California, there are statutory penalties for recording a phone conversation without permission, for example.

Is a black powder revolver in a backpack concealed?

Yes it is concealed, but not illegal because black powder firearms are not considered a "firearm".

Is it illegal to record a conversation using your cellphone in Oklahoma?

No. is it illegal to record a conversation with your cellphone without anyone knowing it in Oklahoma

What are acceptable concealed weapons in Texas?

any weapon its perfectly legal to have a gun in texas You can never carry an illegal knife or club concealed or otherwise. You can carry a handgun in your vehicle but it MUST be concealed. You can only carry a handgun concealed on your person if you have a concealed handgun license.

Is it illegal to tape record someone without their knowledge in Ohio?

No. In Ohio, as in many other states, it's not illegal if the person recording is a party to the conversation. Twelve states require ALL PARTIES to consent to the recording. These are: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.

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