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Threatening people with bodily harm is called assault. It is both a criminal and civil offense (the offender can be sued and have criminal charges). The fear of being harmed is the distinguishing factor.

Battery is the actual hurting of someone. It is possible to have assault and battery, assault only, or battery only - where the attacker hits someone but they didn't see it coming.

Unfortunately the law has loop holes in it. You have to either have a witness, get it on tape (from a phone message) or a copy of an email. Just your word will be heresay in a court of law if it even reaches court. If reported to the police their hands are tied unless you can actually show physical harm to your body or your apartment or home has been trashed by this person. Even at that the police still have to prove this person did it. With DNA and other technology they should be able to get proof in this case.

A personal experience:

I belong to a Motocross club and this just happened to our club's pres. Per the advice of the town's chief of police, the event should have been reported. Do not verbally threaten someone's life unless you are cool with having a record of it, along with possible harassment charges.

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Q: Is it illegal to verbally threaten someone's life?
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