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not sure, but i would have to say yes.


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It is a crime to send any illegal substance through the mail.

YOU may never have been there -BUT- has your VEHICLE ever been there? Did you lend it to someone? If so, YOU (as the registered owner) are responsible for the ticket.

Private rural (roadside-type) mailboxes - some locations DO have parking regulations that prohibit this. If they are official USPS roadside (drop off mail from your car-type) boxes, yes, illegal and you can get a ticket. As far as US Postal regulations are concerned. . . they are not required to deliver the mail to an obstructed mailbox.

Many police departments have cameras and issue tickets that way. And by mailing the ticket, it can't be lost or stolen.

no!? did your mail man give you a ticket? only police can give tickets

Call the number (215) 561-3636 and press "1" twice. This brings you to the dialogue to pay a parking ticket when having the parking ticket number. Do not type in anything and just wait. You will be asked two more times to type in the number and the third time you will be told that the number could not be recognized and that you will be transferred to a representative. That is the first time you will be able to speak to a real person on this hotline. You need the license plate number, state and address of license plate holder. Having given this information to the representative, you obtain the 9 digit parking ticket number. With this number you can pay the ticket online, on the phone or via mail.

No, just mail in the amount of the ticket unless you have decided to try to beat the ticket. But, If your license is in jeopardy yes then, it would be a good Idea to hire yourself an attorney.

no, u can pay by money order, cashiers check and mail it into the clerk of daytona or take it to the clerk in person.

Short answer: Yes a mail carrier can get a ticket. I know this because I am a mail carrier and I have a court date coming up to fight a ticket I was given while on the job and performing my duties.

It is not illegal to send hair in the mail. Sending hair in the mail would be weird, but it is not illegal because it causes no harm to the mailer and the mailing company.

Yes, its illegal! The actual charge is "Intercepting US Mail Belonging To Another."

Definetly Not. Note that it is a FEDERAL offense to send illegal substances through the mail.When a package or even regular mail is sent through USPS or FedEx they scan it to simply see if anything dangerous or illegal is in there.If they discover it: they inform FBI and CIA services and the National Drug and Beverage Control and the package is intercepted.

Yes, it is illegal to pre-post mail. It is also illegal to pre-date a check that you are giving someone to pay for goods.

It is not illegal to send money through the mail internationally to your friends and family. You should never send cash through the mail.

No in fact it is highly legal to mail bologna!

yes because you are invading their privacy. if you have some of their mail and the mail person put it in your mailbox instead then wait till they get home and go tell them, don't put it in yourself.

It is illegal to mail cigarettes to the US unless they were specifically produced to be used in the US.

Sometimes a traffic ticket will be mailed to a person instead of written by an officer. Depending on the county it can take a week or two for a person to get a traffic ticket in the mail.

NO. It is illegal to mail ammunition in the US mail. It can be shipped by UPS or FedEx GROUND, but not by mail.

No, it is illegal to mail controlled substances.

Anytime you open any piece of mail that is not yours, it is illegal. You need to get permission to open their mail.

Yes yes. It is illegal for anyone to hold another person's mail from them intentionally.

Yes it is illegal to steal other peoples coupon's out of the mail. The mail is delivered to you and addressed to you if anyone other than the person that is suppose to receive the mail gets it without permissions it is stealing.

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