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Yes! It is very important for a day care to enforce child safety. Every parent should throughly examine the day care they are considering for their child, before they trust them with their child. I would assume any parent would consider their child's safety important.

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Q: Is it important for day care to enforce child safety?
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Why is it that you have to fill out forms when enrolling a child to day care?

Child care isn't like babysitting; it is professional. Forms can include contracts, information about you, and etc. It is important for the child care provider to have this information. For the safety of your child.

Why is scale a safety issue at child care centre?

why is scale a safety issue at childcare

Why is it important to make observations in a child care setting?

why is important to make observation of children in a child care setting

Why is it important for child care providers to be child advocates?

It is important for child care providers to be child advocates because children are unable to speak for themselves. Child care providers need to act as the voice of the children to ensure that each child is getting the best quality care possible.

What does the legislature recognize about child care in florida?

The Legislature recognizes the critical importance to the citizens of the state of both safety and quality in child care.

Can you get emancipated if you are seventeen and pregnant and fear the safety of your child?

Yes, if you can prove you can care for yourself and your child comepletly

How can a police officer enforce curfew laws if parents don't care?

I don't know. Maybe he can fine the parent or child. Maybe he could hold the child in jail overnight to scare him. Maybe he can have a meeting with the parents and convince them to care, then get them to enforce the law themselves. Can you answer this question better?

Why is health and safety important to you?

Because if you can't care your health you can get sick.

What is important about sharp object safety?

Sharp/pointed object safety is important because sharp things without care can cause injury.

Why it is important that health and social care settings have health and safety legislation in place?

It isn't. The important thing is that health care and social care settings have good health and safety programs in place. Legislation can encourage that but cannot guarantee it.

What has the author Catherine Robertson written?

Catherine Robertson has written: 'Safety, nutrition, and health in early education' -- subject(s): Day care centers, Early childhood education, Health and hygiene, Health aspects, Health aspects of Day care centers, Safety measures, School children, School health services, Schools 'Safety, Nutrition & Health in Child Care' -- subject(s): Child care, Children, Health and hygiene, Health aspects, Health aspects of Child care, Nutrition, Safety measures

Why accreditation is important?

The accreditation of JCAHO is important because it helps strengthen and organize patient safety efforts and to boost community confidence in the safety of care.

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