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Per NASD and the SEC an act doesn't have to be illegal to be improper. Anytime there can be the insinuation of conflict of interest it is improper. In this case it is improper unless there existed a prior documented relationship that supports the situation of a personal loan between the two.

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Q: Is it improper for an officer or director of a private LLC to take a personal loan from an investor in the corporation?
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Can the director of a corporation deposit company money into their personal bank account?

They can deposit money into their personal bank account but they shouldn't. It will mix funds and accounting and taxes will be challenging. They can also be accused of wrongdoing.

What does a personal director do?

what isa personnel director?

Can a personal garnishment be placed against a corporation if you are an officer of that corporation?


Can you pay child support through your company corporation in California?

Your personal corporation or one you work for? In either case, it should be possible for child support payments to be diverted from payroll or proceeds for the purpose. If this is not your personal corporation, rather a company you work for, speak with the human resources director where you work for information on having child support deducted and electronically transferred to the child support agency in your area.

Can a personal garnishment be placed against a corporation?


Can a member of a Corporation file personal bankruptcy?

You mean a stockholder in a Corporation...of course. His stock in the corporation is part of his BK as is anyother asset.

How does a personal bankruptcy of one of the officers affect a corporation?

Not at all.

The main advantage of a corporation is that it?

.limits personal risks for investors::

A way to protect the personal assets of an investor against losing everything if a business fails?


Does a corporate officer have personal liability?

Usually not, that is one of the main reasons businesses are incorporated. The corporation becomes its own entity and the officers are shielded, to a certain extent, from personal liability for the acts of the corporation.

What does LTDmean after lawyers name?

LTD represents the term limited. It means that the attorney is incorporated. In the US you would see PLLC or PC. That means Personal Limited Liability Corporation or Personal Corporation.

How do you use word invasion in a sentence?

Improper use of your personal data is an invasion of privacy

What if you file chapter 7 will you still owe creditors if you have a corporation?

To the extent of your personal guarantee for the corporate debt, or if both you and the corporation borrowed the money, you will not owe anything if the debts are discharged in your personal chapter 7. If the corporation has any assets, it will be subject to lawsuits and attachments by the creditors. You should discuss the situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, as it may be better to wind up the corporation before filing a personal bankruptcy.

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Can a director give a personal guarantee for a loan?

He can but should not. A personal guarantee defeats any corporate shield against seizure of personal assets.

Does a personal chapter 7 bankruptcy cover a corporation personal guarantee?

Yes, if you include the guarantee you made to the creditor in the bk.

Can you deposit a check made out to your corporation in a personal account?

Yes if you are the sole stockholder

Which of these items typically uses a product made by a Microsoft Corporation?

Personal Computer

What is a K-1 used for?

If a corporation has elected sub-S tax status (corporate profits are passed through to the stockholders and taxed on their personal returns), the K-1 is a form isuued by the corporation to the stockholder indicating the amount of income from the corporation that the stockholder should report on their personal return.

What are duties of secretary to managing director?

The main duties of a secretary to managing director are to provide clerical and secretarial services to the director. The secretary will in most cases serve as a personal assistant.

Can a c corporation file for bankruptcy and the owners protect their personal assets even if they signed personal guarantees with some banks?

Of course they can't, it's a personal guarantee.

Advantages and disadvantages of corporation?

Advantages of corporation include protected assets and heightened credibility. Disadvantages include loss of a personal touch, and ongoing expenses.

What is house of Anubis director number?

WikiAnswers does not provide personal contact information.

What does PC mean after a company name?

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