Is it leagal in Michigan to have a multiple unit apartment complex with only one gas meter?

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Who owns sidewalks in apartment complexes?

Answer . Generally it would be the apartment complex. It's part of their "grounds." The only way it might be a city or county problem would be if the apartments front a city walkway.

Can an apartment complex withhold your mail?

An apartment complex cannot withhold your mail unless you haveasked them to. You should contact the prosecutor in your county tohave this resolved if you cannot do it on your own.

What is the average price for one unit of gas?

how much does one unit of gas cost in uk The price of gas can vary from region to region in the U.K however the average is between 3.5p and 4.5p. The problem with this is that the gas companies don't make it clear enough that gas in the U.K is charged by calorific value. With electric your rate ( Full Answer )

Can a rooster be kept in an apartment complex?

Not usually. Roosters are noisy and cannot be trained to us a litter box. Most apartment building managers/owners would have a problem with a tenant keeping a rooster. Even caged they will crow loudly at all hours. If you just gotta have one ,best to find a backyard for it.

Are apartment complex safe for a hurricane?

I'm wondering the same thing. My complex is fairly new(10 yrs old) and was wondering if its safe to stay here for Hurricane Ike off Highway 6...

How does one read a gas meter?

All modern gas meters have a rotary styled mechanism that rotate as the gass passes through the meter. It's this motion that causes the meter reading to progress upwards. It's The reading on the front that slowly moves upwards. Most meter reader operatives have a handheld barcode scanner to scan the ( Full Answer )

Where is low income apartment in Michigan?

\n. I want to move back downstate Michigan from East Tawas, mi. The area i am looking to move to is South Lyon, Brighton , wixom areas. I am disabled and on a low income. mary jane thank you .

A Metric unit of measure equal to one hundredth of a meter?

Rodney Scott was hur bikes an mokes One hundredth of a metre is a centimetre. Centimetres aren't used in scientific or technical applications, the millimetre, one thousandth of a metre, is used in preference. The decimetre is never used at all.

Can you break an apartment lease if you feel your safety and security are at risk due to multiple burglaries in the apartment complex?

If you are a resident of NY search for, and download, a paragraph named 'Warranty of Habitability'. In short, if the landlord is not complying with the Warranty of Habitability then you can make the argument in court that he is breaking the lease and that you, in turn, can exit the lease. This is ( Full Answer )

How much does an apartment complex cost?

Depends on their income, if they're rented or not, foreclosure or shortsale or not. They range from as little as 100,000 (or less depending) to millions. It's what the market will bare at the time for the neighborhood and comparable sales for like and same units.

Is an M3 Gas Meter a Metric one?

if the m stands for cubed which it usually does, then yes, themetre cubed is a metric measurement

Teenagers and curfews at apartment complexes?

Large apartment complexes are typically located on private property over which the landlord has the authority to make rules. If he places a curfew on teenage activity on his private property he is probably within his rights to do so.

Unit of measure equal to one billionth of a meter?

The SI system uses prefixes that go up and down in order of thousandths. So to start, one metre, one thousandth of a metre is a millimetre; one thousandth of a millimetre ( one millionth of a metre) is a micrometre; one thousandth of a micrometre ( one billionth of a metre) is a nanometre. The ( Full Answer )

What are the voting rights of an indivdual owning more than one unit apartment in a complex?

Your governing documents set out the ownership voting rights for your community. Every community's voting rights are specific for that private democracy. Votes can be either equal or unequal: . It's possible that your vote is measured in square footage -- larger units have more voting power tha ( Full Answer )

Can you sue your apartment complex?

MOST DEFINITELY!!! That is if you have a liable cause. For example if you walk through your room and fall through the floor than sue away, unless they warned you or there was a warning sign.

How many kilograms in one cubic meter gas?

That depends upon the temperature, pressure, and type of gas. For more information, study the ideal gas law. One form of the ideal gas law is PV=nRT, where P=pressure, V=volume, n=number of moles of gas, R=0.08206 L-Atm-mol -1 -K -1 , T=temperature in degrees K. By rearranging this equation, you cou ( Full Answer )

Why 0 has only one multiple?

Because 0 is nothing. Therefore, you can add infinity 0s=0 Also, 0*N=0, N-0=0, and 0+N=N, but you can't do N/0, because 0 is nothing. ( N= any number)

Can you choose your unit in an apartment complex?

No. It's entirely up to the management which units they offer you. Having said that, if you tell them what you prefer and ask what is available, they may show flexibility and try to accommodate your wishes.

Where can one find cheap apartment complexes in London?

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in (New York City, USA and Vancouver, Canada are the others). However, vacancies and sublets can often times be found at "better prices" than usual. The following websites are a good idea to check out:-Craigslist Classifieds-Gum Tree Cl ( Full Answer )

How can one contact the Meer apartments in Michigan?

Meer apartments in Michigan can be contacted using the information on their 'contact us' page on their website. They have an email address and also a telephone number that people can use.

How many apartment complexes are there in Orlando?

There are numerable apartment complexes in the large city of Orlando Florida. To find the exact number, a visit to the Orlando public library, that may have tax records or the actual tax office of Orlando will help provide the exact number.