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No, sorry! You have to be at least 18 to date anyone over 20! Wait one more year to date!

2006-09-14 19:59:31
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Can you have a boyfriend?

It depends .. If ur friends or parents approve or if ur too young

You're 16 and your boyfriend is 20. Can your boyfriend go to jail for being with you even if your parents approve of it?

If you have sex, then yes your boyfriend can go to jail for you being a minor.

Is it wrong to dance with other guys at homecoming when you have a boyfriend and he wont be there?

It would be wrong if you didn't tell your boyfriend. You always want to approve first with your boyfriend always make the man happy!!!!!!!! :-) L.G

Should you approve of your 17 year old daughter getting engaged?

Yes, if her and her boyfriend love each other and they are happy, then I see no reason why her parents shouldn't approve. If you don't think they will approve, then don't tell them. Keep it a secret and tell them when your 18.

How do you use the word illicitly in a sentence?

The young Muslim girl had to meet her christian boyfriend illicitly as her parents did not approve.

Your parents dont approve of your boyfriend what should you do?

Sneak him around or maybe even prove to them that he's different than what they picture him as.

What is the name of a song where a dad doesn't approve his daughter's boyfriend and he sings a song about it and he destroys her dad's office?

peigions in the wind

What does it mean if your father who is deceased approves of new boyfriend?

Assuming the question refers to a dream of the deceased father, it suggests that the dreamer feels confident that her father would approve of this boyfriend if her father were alive.

According to article IX how many staes were required to approve major decisions?


How do you tell your parents you're moving in with your boyfriend?

Just tell them! They're your parents, they should understand by now that you're old enough to move in with you boyfriend. But if your parents are super strict and you're sure that they won't approve of it, then forget about it.

Can a 17 year old girl in tn move out and live with her boyfriend in Arizona?

A 17 year old can't move out from TN and move in with her boyfriend in Arizona without parental permission. If the parents approve, the 17 year can move out.

What does it mean to dream about having a boyfriend even if you never had one and that no one approved him?

This is a wish-fulfillment dream. The dreamer would like to have a boyfriend, so the subconscious mind presents a romantic scenario to fulfill that desire. Having "no one" approve of the boyfriend adds a bit of drama and romance to the dream.

What is a synonym for approve?

A synonym for "to approve" is "to accept"

What is approve in tagalog?

Approve in Tagalog is Aprobahan

The manager will approve our application?

The manager will approve our application

How do you say approve in French?

to approve is 'approuver' in French.

If your boyfriend is turning 18 and you are 16 is your relationship going to be illegal in California if your parents approve of the relationship and there are no sexual relations?

I don't believe so... As long as there is no sexual relations. :D

Why is Movie Star Planet not safe?

Moivestarplanet is safe. Many parents say it isn't safe because they don't approve of having a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend and talking to strangers.

How do you say do you approve in French?

Approuver is the French tanslation for approve.

i can check to see if iwas approve.?

i can check to see if i was approve

What is the abstract noun for approve?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to approve are approval and the gerund, approving.

Do all persons named as inheriting items listed in a will have to approve the person named as executor of the will?

No, only the court needs to approve the appointment.No, only the court needs to approve the appointment.No, only the court needs to approve the appointment.No, only the court needs to approve the appointment.

Can a pregnant 15-year-old girl move in with her 15-year-old boyfriend and his parents if they will be taking care of the baby?

Only if her parents approve.

What does sexually confused mean?

This means I you are a boy you feel tha desire to have sex or be boyfriend with a "boy" it's normal at times yet your mom or dad won't approve it is call gay.

Your wife emailed ex boyfriend at work?

Unless what was in the e-mail was something you do not approve of, you have nothing to worry about. If it seems that this is constant, have a talk with your wife and see what is she trying to hide or handle herself.