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IF you signed a loan with the CU and used the car as collateral, YES IT IS LEGAL. And it is WISE for you to pay.

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Q: Is it legal for a Credit Union to demand payment on a loan you got to purchase a car when they do not have the title for it?
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Where do yougo to make payment through the credit union?

To the credit union

What is the process to be accepted into a IQ Credit Union?

Every IQ Credit Union Business Checking account comes with features and benefits. To be accepted into a IQ Credit Union you have to be accepting credit and debit cards for payment.

Where can one get a Credit Union mortgage?

Credit Union mortgages can be obtained with any major credit or mortgage broker. Among the places offering mortgages are local credit unions, which can offer lower payment amounts and more competitive rates than major banking institutions.

How do you explain late payments?

When you are late on your payment for a credit card, car loan, mortgage, etc... these "creditors" can report this late payment to the credit bureau that they have a relationship with (either Trans Union, Experian, or Equifax).These credit bureaus in turn stick it on your credit report which negatively affects your credit score.There are30 day late payment items,60 day late payment items,and 90 day late payment items.Many people remove these items by disputing them with the credit bureau (the credit bureau then has 30 days to go back to the creditor to verify the late payment). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

When was The Union Credit Union created?

The Union Credit Union was created in 1968.

How do you use a sentence with the words credit union?

I will be visiting your credit union tomorrow. This credit union has been here for many years.

What credit unions are there in Summit Wisconsin?

Some of the credit unions on Summit, Wisconsin are Summit Credit Union, Price Credit Union, Prosperity Credit Union, and Capital Credit Union. You may find more in your local area.

Where can you purchase traveler checks?

Traveler's checks are readily available at any bank or credit union. You can also purchase them at some larger grocery stores.

What services can the National Credit Union Administration offer?

The National Credit Union Administration is a federal credit union. This union offers access to credit union data, asset management strategies, lists of union regulations, and more.

Which payment methods do you accept to get a visa on arrival to Vietnam?

For security reasons use a third party for payment such as PayPal. Most agents in Vietnam now accept payment with credit cards, paypal, bank transfer or Western Union.

If there is a problem with a Kia dealership which conducted business with a customer and did not honor what was told with whom could help?

A friend purchased a Kia auto-- finance officer included on contract something that she did not want. The contract was redone but now the monthly payment amount is still incorrect at the credit union. She needs to make a payment on the auto but cannot get a new payment with the correct monthly payment on it. She got her financing thru Beacon Credit Union. Beacon says they cannot read their copy off the copy machine. Can you send a good copy to Beacon Credit Union so they will correct the monthly payment amount. My friend does not have a computer and can you call her 713-822-7594 Her payment is due January 28, 2011. Please call today so she can get this resolved.

Where is Prospera Credit Union?

"Prospera Credit Union is a locally owned and operated credit union serving anyone living or working in Wisconsin's Outagamie, Winnebago,and Brown.that where prospera credit union is from."

What is the irish for credit union?

The Irish for credit union is comhar creidmheasa. A credit union is a financial institution where you can save and borrow money.

Where can you get Chicago credit?

I am not sure if I understand your question, but perhaps you are wanting to know what credit unions are in the Chicago area. If this is what you wanted to know, there are many such as United Credit Union, Access Credit Union, Alliant Credit Union and SourceOne Credit Union. I hope this helps.

What are strengths and weaknesses of a credit union?

What are strengths and weaknesses of a credit Union?

What is a checking account at a credit union?

what is a chekcing account at a credit union

How long will it take until a late morgtage payment apears on your credit?

If the financial institution is linked directly with the credit reporting company IE: Equifax or Trans Union then it will show as late after 30days.

Where can you find information about Chicago credit?

One place to find information about credit in Chicago is a credit union. Maroon Financial Credit Union and Alliant Credit Union are both located in Chicago.

How can I find out what my car payment should be?

Your car payment is based upon what you owe on the car, the interest rate that you qualified for, and the time period. A local credit union should be able to offer you a competitive rate.

How can one watch his score at the Federal Credit Union?

Someone can watch their score at the Federal Credit Union by visiting the Federal Credit Union website and ordering a copy of their latest credit score. In addition, the Federal Credit Union website has a contact us page where individuals can call the Federal Credit Union to discuss their credit score.

What is a characteristic of credit union?

A credit union is owned by all the people who have money deposited at the credit union, as opposed to a bank, which is owned by its shareholders.

Can you have all retirement funds transferred from another Credit Union to Delta Credit Union?

We would like to have all our funds moved from another Credit Union to Delta Credit Union. What is the process? Thank You , Ray.

Is a credit union FDIC insured?

No, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) insures the Credit Unions.

What is the irish for credit union-?

The Irish Credit Union is the body that provides the central services to the credit unions.

What services does the Vystar credit union provide?

"Vystar Credit Union is a credit union that is mainly for Veterans. You can get credit cards from them, they also offer checking and savings accounts, and loans."