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Yes. Direct desposit is not a legal right, but merely a perk of most banks.

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Q: Is it legal for a bank to put a hold on your social security direct deposit?
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Can a landlord use your security deposit for their own bills and ask you to pay the security deposit again I live in Oregon?

I don't think so, I don't believe any Landlord has the legal right to demand a Security Deposit be payed twice. I suggest you seek legal counsel.

What can you do if your landlord refuses to give you back your security deposit because you lost your receipt?

If your landlord accepted the security deposit from you he must return to you unless he have legal grounds to keep all or part of the security deposit. I don't think that the loss of your receipt for the security deposit is enough to allow your landlord to keep it. Thus you can sue him.

Can you get a social security number if you are not a legal citizen?

No you can't get a social secruity number if you ared not a legal citizen.

Is social security paid to illegal immigrants?

No. Social Security is ONLY paid to legal citizens of the United States. Because, in order to get it, you need a social security number, which illegal aliens are not entitled to have until they are legal. So no, they are not allowed to have it.

Is it legal to ask for your social security number?

Yes, it is "legal" to ask for your social security number. And it is legal because it is NOT against the law to do so. What may or may not be legal, in some cases, is to ask someone to provide a social security number as a requirement to have access, for instance, to a benefit to which that same person is entitled by law.

What is legal age to get social security card?


If an illegal alien has a social security card does this make him or her legal in any way?

An illegal alien can't get a social security card. They are only issued to legal citizens.

Is it legal for my parents not to give me my social security card?

There is nothing 'illegal' about your parents not giving you your social security card. If you are a minor, your parents have the legal authority to make most all decisions concerning many areas. Why do you need your social security card? These cards serve no purpose, and cannot be used as a form of ID. Duplicate social security cards can be applied for at any social security office.

Can illegal aliens get a social security card?

No. Illegals are not entitled to any social security. You MUST be a legal citizen of the United States.

Should Workman's compensation use your Social Security as offset for their payments?

If Social Security is a Constitutionally, Legal, Federal Government Program the answer is no. If Social Security is an unConstitutional, Federal Government Program the answer is still no. Money was taken from the workers wages by the Federal Government which promised to return the money at retirement, or in case of a debilitating injury. Legal or not legal, to take a mans money from him without his expressed permission is robbery. Workman's Compensation, by taking a workers Social Security wages, is guilty of theft if Social Security is Constitutional, or guilty of accessory to theft if Social Security is unConstitutional.

Is it legal in NH to be charged first and last months rent plus a security deposit?

Yes A

Can a co-signers Social Security entitlements be garnished and made to pay a car in full after repossession?

ssa-custhelp Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407) protects Social Security benefits from assignment, levy, or garnishment. However, the law provides five exceptions: **child support and tax debt and other govt. debts.** The Social Security Administration's responsibility for protecting benefits against legal process and assignment usually ends when the beneficiary is paid. However, once paid, benefits continue to be protected under section 207 of the Act only as long as they are identifiable as Social Security benefits. This applies to money in a bank account where the only payments into the account are from direct deposit of Social Security benefits. NOTE: Supplemental Security Income payments cannot be levied or garnished.

Can you use your sons social security number for employment if you have the same name?

Absolutely not. If you do not have a social security number, then you have to mention such in the job application. Use of another person's social security is fraud, and can be punishable by legal action.

Can you get a Californian driving licence without a social security number?

NO. You cannot get any license or legal documents anywhere in the United States With out a social security number. With out your S.S.N your not a legal citizen of the UNITED STATES

Can someone get a license for a motorcycle if your not legal in the US?

NO. You would need a valid Social Security Number. NO. You would need a valid Social Security Number.

How do you get a different social security number?

I became legal in the united states and had a made up social before then

Should prepaid rent be deposited in security deposit account?

Some states have statutes which state that a security deposit cannot be comingled with the landlord's funds. Some legal scholars have concluded that, since the last-month-rent deposit is the landlord's funds, these cannot be in the same account.

Is it legal for the tenant to hold your deposit till the lease contract is finished even if the contract is broken?

If the tenant broke the lease via a material breach, the tenant may forfeit his security deposit. However, if the landlord has breached the lease, he must return the full security deposit.

Is it legal for an employer not to deduct or pay social security taxes from their employee wages?


What is call deposit receipt?

A Call Deposit Receipt is a certificate issued to government institutions and corporations as a type of security deposit. The institution or corporations it is issued to can redeem it at any time for legal tender from the issuers account.

Can you get your security deposit back if you break the lease halfway through?

If you were to break a lease for legal reason then it is possible to get your deposit back in most cases. Some legal reasons can include infestations of vermin, noisy neighbors, or criminal activity.

Is it legal to get another social security card?

You are entitled to have a single social security card, which contains your unique social security number. You can obtain a replacement, but the number should be the same as the first one. Having two numbers is not legal and could result in criminal charges for fraud. There is an estimate that as many as 20 million US citizens are identified by more than one number. The vast majority of this is based on typos and mistakes and are not intentional.

Is social security number needed on job application?

if you are using legal papers then yes

Can nonworking legal immigrants collect social security?

No. Only those who have worked can get benefits.

Will legal hayze show up on a social security drug test?

no ur good