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Sorry you need to re-think this question. Only certain, goverment, institutions can get your credit report legally with out your permisssion. When you ask for any type of credit you usually agree to a credit check somewhere in the form you have filled out. * No. Someone has made an error. Authorized user's of an account are not legally responsible for the debt incurred on the account and any activity on that account should not appear on the AU's credit report. It is entirely possible that the AU has been listed as a second account holder, if the AU has a second card bearing his or her name they can likely be held equally responsible for the debt. It would be in the best interest of the involved party to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

2006-09-11 01:49:35
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Q: Is it legal for a company to place an entry on a person's credit report when they are only an authorized user on the account?
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Is it legal to use another persons credit card?

If they have granted permission. Ideally they'd contact the credit card company to add you as an authorized user.

How much would it raise your credit scores if you were added as an authorized user on a credit card?

If you are an authorized user of another persons credit it has no effect on your credit at all. It will not raise nor lower your score. The credit card company simple issues you a card with your name on it and then holds the person who holds the credit with them responsible for any charges you make.

How do I remove myself as an authorized user on a credit card?

Contact the credit card company. Usually they will close that account completely and move to a new card for the remaining member.

Are you liable for the amount you signed for or the full balance on a credit card if you are an authorized user only?

If you're only an authorized user on a credit card, you don't directly owe anything as far as the credit company is concerned. However, you can still be sued by the individual who has the card account.

Is it true if you add a person to another persons credit card it can improve the first persons credit rating?

If it does report it will show that you are just an authorized user, most cards don't even report authorized users anymore.

How do you drop an authorized user from your account?

You can call the lender and close that authorized user account. It no longer affects their credit anyway so there is no damage.

If you are specified as an authorized user on a credit card account that is not a joint account can your credit score increase?

No, only the primary cardholder's credit score is affected.

What information do you need to give to the credit card company to add an authorized user?

Usually all you need is the person's name and their relationship to the account holder. Credit Card issuers have different criteria for adding an authorized person or a second card holder.

Can an account that has an authorized signatory be transferred to that person even though the account was initially in the other person's name?

No. The authorized user/signer will have to apply for an account using their own credit history.

If you are an authorized user on someone else's major credit card and the account isn't paid does it affect your credit as well?

It negatively affects both the primary and the authorized user credit score and report.

How does the authorized users credit impact the primary users credit?

When adding an authorized user to your account, you are agreeing to any and all charges that person places on the account. If the authorized user chooses to abuse the account, such as making purchases beyond the amount that you are able to pay or by exceeding the limit of the card, the negative effects goes against the primary users credit. The authorized users credit is not affected at all and they are not responsible for payments. So be careful who you chose to add to your card.

What are the community property state credit laws on authorized user on credit card?

an authorized user is someone who has been given consent by the owner of the account to use it and morally should pay for what they purchase but will not be financially responsible to do so even tho the creditor can and probably will report the account to both the owner and the authorized users credit profiles with the credit reporting agencies.

Will adding an authorized user with bad credit to your credit card effect your credit rating?

NO. IT wILL BE NOTED AS "A" FOR AUTHORIZED USER ON THAT persons credit file. it does does not increase or decrease your credit score. It should boost theirs in you pay the bill on time. JUDE KAGABINES LEXINGTON SC

Your credit report has two creditors with the same credit card number?

usually this is because the original lender sold the account to a new lender which takes on the loan/debt, but the paper trail is still left on a persons credit report. If a company goes out of business they also liquidate their assets/accounts to another creditor. It also can be because the person did not pay on the account and it was sold to another creditor or a collection company. The most rare case would be that there is a mistake on a persons credit file and should contact the credit report company.

Can a credit card company report bad credit on an authorized user's credit report after the death of the primary card holder?

if you are an authorized user on the card then you are responsible for the card too. so yes they can

Credit One bank wants a letter from my bank to show that i am an authorized signer on an account that i use to pay the credit card with my bank says they don't do letters what do i do?

Send them a "copy only" of your credit card agreement that you got from the credit card company that won't do it for you.

If you are an authorized user on a credit card and the holder files bankruptcy are you responsible for their balance?

No, authorized users are not responsible for debt incurred on such an account.

If you have a credit card only in your name will it affect or show on your husbands credit report?

No, only the owner and authorized users of the credit card will be reported on the credit card company to the credit agencies. If your husband is an authorized user on the credit card then it will show up on his credit report.

When will being removed as an authorized user show up on your credit report?

In general, those becoming "authorized users" will not have changes made to their credit report unless (1) they become an authorized user of a company card and that company requires employees to take personal responsibility for charges or (2) they become a joint account holder, making them responsible for all charges. So, if one falls into one of the above camps, the time varies based on the frequency with which the issuer chooses to inform the credit bureaus. Because "authorized user" status does NOT change the liability of the account holder, these types of credit report transactions are not priorities and may take place a few times per year. Wait three (3) months and re-review your credit reports. If the "authorized user" does not disappear, dispute the tradeline with the appropriate credit bureau.

If your husband is the primary card holder does that give you credit history in a joint account?

Yes, as long as your listed as a "Co-signer" on the account. Credit is not build if you are just an "Authorized User" if this was a credit card account. Lastly, this all assumes that whatever this joint-account is that it reports to credit.

If you are removed as an authorized user on a credit card how does that effect your credit score?

It depends on if the account was good and helping your score or a bad account that was holding your account down. Removing a good account cold lower your score.

If you are a authorized user on a credit card and the primary holder is not paying the bill can the authorized user be held responsible?

No. Authorized Users are NOT liable for the debt, only the PRIMARY on the account is liable.

Becoming an Authorized User: A Credit Card Option for College Students?

Many college students have no credit, or a limited credit history. Fortunately, there is a way for college students to obtain a credit card and build their credit. For instance, if your parents have good credit, perhaps they can add you to their credit card account as an authorized user. As an authorized user, you can enjoy the ease and flexibility of using a credit card. Read on to learn more about becoming an authorized user, so you can get the credit that you need.Is it easy to become an authorized user?Yes, it is rather simple to become an authorized user on your parents credit card account. However, your parents may not be able to add you to their account if they have a poor payment history with that credit card issuer, or if they are currently over their spending limit on that particular account. Your parents can simply contact the customer service department for that credit card issuer to begin the process. In most instances, you can become an authorized user in a matter of minutes.What information do my parents need in order to add me as an authorized user?Your parents may be required to give the credit card issuer your full legal name, Social Security number, date of birth, drivers license number (or state identification card number), your contact details, and your employment and income information.Am I required to make payments if I am an authorized user?No, authorized users are not legally required to make payments to the credit card issuer. However, your parents may ask you to make payments directly to them whenever you use the card. Be sure to discuss this information with your parents prior to becoming an authorized user on their account.Will my parents payment history affect my credit score?Yes, if you are listed as an authorized user on your parents credit card account, their payment history will appear on your credit reports. So, if your parents make timely payments on their account, this can boost your credit score. However, if your parents default on their credit card account, it can have a negative impact on your credit history.Will I have my own credit card to shop with?Yes, for your convenience, your parents can request the credit card issuer to send them a card in your name. Please note that your parents may establish a spending limit for you on their account.How long can I remain an authorized user on the account?Generally speaking, you are allowed to remain an authorized user on someones account for as long as you like (or until that person removes you from that account).If your parents add you to their credit card account, it is important that you follow their rules and use your credit card wisely. Your parents are legally responsible for paying the credit card bill, so do not take advantage of the situation. And in a matter of time, you may be able to obtain a credit card on your own.

If you allow someone with poor credit history to be an authorized user on your credit card will it lower your credit score due to their poor history?

I was a authorized user on one of my exwifes accounts and did not realize it. I noticed my credit score was going down steadily and was not sure why. Then it made a big plunge so I checked my credit report and fiqured out I was a authorized user on one of her accounts that she had stopped paying on.I called the company and at first they would not take my name off of the account saying it would have to be settled first. I argued with them how could I be responsible for something I don't even see a statement on. It took several calls but I finally reached someone who saw my side of the story. They had trouble deleting my name from the account and had to get a supervisor involded to get me removed. My credit score jumped by more than a 100 points the next month. EDIT: This would have been a good response if the question was "Will my credit be affected if I am added as an authorized user". I think the person answering the original question got the authorized user and account holder in reverse. The answer below is correctly answers the question without confusion. Also...a couple of credit card issuers have policies that hold Authorized Users responsible for their actions and safeguard the Primary Account holders credit file. Credit scores are not affected by the actions of an authorized user. Neither can an AU be held legally responsible for the account regardless of what they may be told by the card issuer. The premise being that an AU has no control over how the account is handled as they do not have access to payment of the account or other issues such as increasing the credit line.

Can a a credit company file the same account twice on your credit report?

It happens and can be disputed. Call you credit card company or credit agencies.