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Is it legal for a felon to possess firearms of any kind in Oklahoma?

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Federal law prohibits felons from owning guns...and voting believe it or not.

2006-09-18 20:19:06
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Can a felon be around firearms in ct?

It is a violation ANYWHERE in the U.S. for a convicted felon to own or "possess" firearms. The legal meaning of the word "possess" covers more than actually having it on your person, it also covers your proximity and access to it (i.e.- "constructive possesson").

How to apply for restoration of firearms rights in Florida?

The question doesn't disclose the questioners legal status - however - if the questioner is a convicted felon - it will not/can not happen. Regardless of what state you reside in it is a violation of FEDERAL Law (USC, Title 18) for a convicted felon to ever own or possess firearms or ammuntion.

Can a felon own firearms in NC?

Federal law (applies to ALL states, not just NC) provides that a convicted felon may not possess a firearm. You MAY petition to have that right restored. That will require professional legal advice far beyond a Wikianswer.

Are cobra firearms illegal in SC?

Only if you're a felon, deemed mentally unfit to possess, or use/addicted to illegal chemical substances, federal laws that is. They are like any other firearms that are legal for any law abiding citizen to own.

Is it legal to possess two firearms at once while hunting in Virginia?


Can you sell a gun to a pawn shop if you have a felony?

A convicted felon may not own, possess, or have access to firearms, period. This isn't the answer to his question. Yes, a felon can sell a gun. Federal law says you can't BUY one, it doesn't say you can't SELL one. Yes, it's a crime for you to possess it, but thats a seperate legal matter. An addtion to the answer though: If a felon takes a gun into a pawn shop to sell it, the felon has possession of the gun. A person other than the felon would have to handle the transaction for the felon.

Can a ex fellon become a gunsmith?

Well, first, let's define terms. The term ex-felon is almost always used incorrectly. If someone is a felon, the only way to be an ex-felon is to have the charges completely reversed and removed from the record because it is later determined that the person did not commit the crime. Having the record expunged does not make a person an ex-felon, nor does being released from prison, nor does having rights restored...the person is still a felon. Second, if the person is a felon, he or she cannot legally possess or control firearms, unless their firearms rights have been restored, therefore, it would not be legal for that person to work on firearms.

G Gordon Liddy said Mrs Liddy owned many firearms is this legal?

G. Gordon is prohibited from owning firearms because he is a felon. All of his firearms are owned by Mrs. Liddy who has every legal right to own them.

Can a convicted felon possess a flare gun in California?

Since flare guns are used in an emergency, the possesion of a flare gun is legal by a felon if used properly.

Is it legal to own an AK47 in Oklahoma?

If you are not a felon, are at least 18, and in good standing with the law, yes.

Possession of a paint ball gun by ex-felon in minnesota is legal or illegal?

It is legal. Paintball guns are not considered firearms there for a felon can. There is even some USPL players that are ex felons (USPL is the professional league)

Can a convicted felon in Oklahoma own a firearm for hunting purposes?

You will need a lawyer for a correct, current and legal answer.

Is it legal in Florida to possess a unregistered firearm?

Like MOST states, there is no means or requirment to register firearms in Florida.

Can you buy a gun if your felon was dismiss?

Only convictions will limit your legal possession of a firearm. So if you where not convicted then you can possess a firearm.

Is it legal to own a pistol if a felony is expunged?

No. An expungement does not absolve your felony - it just makes it less visible to the general public. Under federal law, a convicted felon may not purchase, possess, or be allowed access to firearms, ammunition, or ballistic armor. Expunged or not, a felon in possession of any of those things is a federal felony, and will get them a ten year sentence.

Can a felon who was convicted of a non-violent crime live in a home where there are firearms?

No. Either he will be unable to live there or the weapons will have to be removed from the residence. Federal law (USC, Title 18) states that convicted felons may not own or possess firearms and this situation fits the the legal term "possessing." The courts have ruled that being in the same home with a firearm fits this definition.

What the statute of limitations on possession of a firearm by convicted felon in Virginia?

You need to consult with a lawyer familiar with firearms law in VA for a legal and correct answer.

Can a non violent convicted felon get a hunting license?

A convicted felon is not allowed to possess a firearm. That includes shotguns and rifles. However, in many states it is perfectly legal for convicted felons to own and possess bows and crossbows with which they may hunt with a legally purchased hunting license.

Is it legal for a person residing with a convicted felon to possess a firearm in the home if firearm is secured in Ohio?

This is a "dicey" question and sounds way too much like someone is trying to "split hairs." Bottom line: It is unlawful for a convicted felon to own or "BE IN POSSESSION OF" firearms. If you reside in a home where there are firearms present you are deemed to have access to them and, therefore, be 'in possession' of them. This question has been addressed on more than one occasion by the US Supreme Court. The state where you reside has NO bearing on this whatsoever.

Is it legal for a convicted felon to hunt with a muzzle loader in Washington state?

No.Another View: If he is a convicted FEDERAL felon - NO. Possession of blackpowder weapons is forbidden under the definition of firearms in US Code, Title 18.

Is it legal for a convicted felon to own a muzzle loader in NC?

This is what I was told by a federal game warden it is not illegal for a felon to hunt with a black powder gun or a standard bow. A crossbow is illegal. A crossbow, shotgun, rifle, or any handgun it is illegal for a felon to possess.

Are firearms legal in the world?

depends on where u live. in usa the second amendment grants the right to bear arms u may not bear arms if you are a felon

Can you ever own guns if your a felon?

No. As long as the felony is on your record, a convicted felon may not possess a firearm for any purpose. If the felony is removed at some point, via exhoneration or some other legal means, then it is possible.

Can felons carry tasers in Oregon?

It is not legal for a convicted felon to carry a taser in Oregon. Felons are also not allowed to possess brass knuckles and tear gas.

Can a person be convicted if they knowingly allow a convicted felon to be around firearms?

Unless the person is the 'legal guardian' of the felon, there should be no reason for the person to be convicted of any crime to do with a felon being around a firearm.It is the responsibility of the felon to NOT be around a firearm, not anyone else but the felon's responsibility.The person however may get into trouble if they knowingly give/sell/purchase a firearm to/for a known felon.