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Is it legal for a police officer ot force you to pay for a ticket before your court date?

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2007-10-30 07:36:13

No police Officer has the power to make you pay a ticket before

the court date. I happen to be a police Officer. When a Police

Officer writes you a traffic citation he will give you a Court date

that you are suppose to attend to prove your innocence. If you

choose not to attend court you have the option to pay the fine.

Paying the fine before your court date basically is saying that you

are guilty. If the officer tells you to just pay the fine reason

being is that he either has a weak case against you or he wont show

up to court. Now for Example if you plea not guilty in court the

Judge will give you another court date to attend in which the

officer will be given a subpoena to testify against you. If the

Officer does not show up in court the case will be dismissed.

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