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NOT that I know of. Report it to the LENDER ASAP. Sounds shady.

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Q: Is it legal for a repo man to demand money for coming out to your house even after you gave him your car payment?
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Is it legal for a Credit Union to demand payment on a loan you got to purchase a car when they do not have the title for it?

IF you signed a loan with the CU and used the car as collateral, YES IT IS LEGAL. And it is WISE for you to pay.

What are the legal rights for housing rent?

You do have some legal rights when renting a house. The house should be clean and liveable, the landlord should tell you when he is coming over to fix the house, the landlord cannot have the locks changed.

What is legal tender money?

a legal medium of payment

Can your bank sell your house without foreclosure date or auction?

The are several legal steps a bank must follow before your house can be sold, assuming you are actually the owner but the bank holds a mortgage on the house. 0. The bank must notify you that you have missed a payment 1. The bank must issue a demand for payment in writing to you. 2. The bank must deliver to you or have delivered to you by the sheriff a legal notice of intent to foreclose. The notice must be published. 3. The bank must go to court and get a court order to foreclose. 4. legal notice of actual foreclosure must be published. 5. House is sold at auction to the highest bidder. If you have any questions talk to the bank and/or consult a lawyer.

Is the legal payment date the date the transaction is initiated or the date the payee receives the payment?

The legal payment due date is the date specified in the contract. The actual payment date is the date the payment is initiated by the payor unless specified otherwise in the contract.

Can a collection agency reject a payment from you if it is less than the payment for the settlement they asked for?

Yes, a creditor/collector has no legal obligation to accept payment for anything other than the agreed upon amount. The same premise applies to making less than the minimum payment on credit accounts as well, such action would render the agreement null and void and the creditor can legally demand payment in full.

Is it legal for a cashier to refuse to accept coins in payment for goods or services?

The coins are legal tender for debts public and private. It is not legal to refuse coins for payment for goods and services.

Can you demand child support with legal separation?

You can't demand it. But you can request it from the court.

Does a cosigner have any legal rights to sell your house if there has never been a missed payment or late payment?

No, a cosigner has no legal rights to the property unless their name is on the title or deed. A cosigner is accepting the responsibility of the debt if the primary borrower defaults; a co-buyer/borrower is a different matter entirely.

What is the legal ground for the co-borrower to demand restitution payment from the borrower in case of failure of repayment of student bank loan by the borrower if the co-borrower has made all necess?

Unless there is a separate legal agreement or order between the 2 borrowers, there is absolutely no legal recourse whatsoever.

If you are coming into money as a young adult how should you best invest that money for long term financial stability?

First you turn 18, the legal age to buy state issued scratch lotto tickets (some states legal age is 21 like Arizona), you scratch the little boxes until you win. You take that money and buy more, and so on and so forth until you have the money to put a down payment on a house. Second, you put the scratch ticket proceeds as a down payment on a house and live in that house for a year or two, making repairs and updates until the house is satisfactory and worth more money. Then you refinance that house and rent it out. Third, you rent that house, and use the before spoken of equity for a down payment on another house. and so on and so forth, and by the time you get all this accomplished, you will know what to do with yourself and you go from there! This is the worst advice I have ever seen.

What is the legal mimimum payment to sibling in a will?

There is no such thing as a minimum payment. There is no requirement that anything be left to a sibling.

When getting a divorce can you legal enter the house that is still in your name if you have left the house years before and want a valuation?

kill your ex and steal all of her stuff. the b1tch had it coming

What is the meaning of Ex gartia payment?

In law, an ex gratia payment is a payment made without the giver recognizing any liability or legal obligation.

Is it legal to round the payment for 1 and 2 cents?

No it is illegal.

Is it legal to refuse cash as payment in America?

Depends. If the cash payment is the payment of debt, then the payment cannot be refused, as long as the money is still legal tender. Cents stop being legal tender after a certain amount, which is why you cannot try to pay a debt using 10,000 cents for example, this can be legally refused. If it's payment in a shop, a shop has the right to refuse service to anyone as long as it is not for a racial, age, gender related reason. They do not 'have' to accept any offer of payment, nor are they disallowed from accepting payment in other forms.

Legal word for house with outbuildings and land?

legal word for house with outbuildings and land is messuage

When was China Legal Publishing House created?

China Legal Publishing House was created in 1989.

Who has to leave the house when a legal separation is taking place and who is responsible for paying the mortgage?

You can be separated and still live in the same house. No one has to move.The mortgage payment is made by the person whos name is on the mortgage. If it is in both names you are both responsible.

Is it illegal to demand mail that isn't addressed to you?

You cannot legally demand the mail not originally addressed to you and can put you into legal hurdle.

Is a switchblade legal in Ny?

its not legal in ny if you bring it with you .If your at your house and leave it there then its legal.

Are postdated checks in Massachusetts legal?

If not done with the intent to defraud, AND the payee accepts them, yes. HOWEVER - there is no guarantee that these postdated checks won't be immediately presented for payment on demand, REGARDLESS of the date on them. THAT could cause you trouble. Just because they are postdated does not protect you from having insufficient funds on hand if they are presented for payment prior to the date on the check.

Remedies for breach of contract?

You can demand satisfaction and then go into legal actions.

Do you have to pay another down payment if the auto financing company you financed with is taken over by another company?

Many car loans are known as "DEMAND" loansThis means that the lender can demand full payment at anytime.If you have this type loan they can require payment, and offer to refinance you in one smooth rip off.Be care full!!This sounds like a scam as most financial companies won't do this. Call your local government (State or Federal) and check to see if this is legal in your jurisdiction.Finally if you are current with your payments and have a reasonable credit rating you can get a better deal somewhere else.

Is it legal for a credit card debt collection co to ask for payment over the telephone then ask you for your routing number and checking account information?

It's completely legal, if you've agreed to make a check payment over the phone. They can't take the payment without that information.