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READ YOUR LEASE. Line by line to see if it allows an increase during the TERM of the lease.

You should also look in the local telephone directory for a free LEGAL AID clinic, where you can consult with a lawyer for free , about your rights in the matter. There may be laws in your state that require advance notice of a rent increase, or other legal remedies that you can use. Get educated about your rights, quickly.

AnswerReading ANY agreement throughly is excellent advice, although it would be better for most consumer's if they took such action before making a commitment. It is somewhat ridiculous to expect the average consumer to read the entire contractual agreement and understand all the legal "mumbo-jumbo", however one should make their best effort to do so. Lenders/landlords know that only about one in fifty people actually read what they are signing, and often put in provisions that have never been fully explained. There are "Uncertainty Principle" laws that one can use as a valid defensive tactic in many such situations. Consulting the state statutes or contacting the state Housing Authority might provide more specific information. AnswerI was thinking in terms of the jurisdiction in which I live.

Here in Ontario, Canada, we have the "plain language law " that has completely changed the way in which contracts and leases are worded. They have to be understandable by the "average person" not a Philadelphia lawyer.

We also have a Provincial tenants and Landlords Act that sets out exactly what each side can and cannot do in a rental situation, and that office is available 24/7 by a 1 800 toll free line.

It is so much easier to do rental business in this country, where we have only 10 Provinces, instead of 50 states, each with it's own separate set of laws to contend with.

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Q: Is it legal for an apartment owner to raise your rent after 2 months even though you signed a year lease?
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If a new lease is signed on an apartment after a year is the original cosigner responsible for the new lease?

Not unless he or she signed the new lease.

Can a minor sign a apartment lease?

No. An apartment lease is a legal document and can only be signed by a legal adult (18 years old minimum in the U.S.A.). Possibly, the lessor might allow the apartment lease to be co-signed with an adult as a guarantor.

Can apartment raise rent during my lease?

if it says in your lease that they can - did you read it before you signed it ??

How do you use the word lease in a sentence?

He signed a two year lease for his first apartment.

How many days do you have to back out of a new apartment lease?

Once the lease has been signed, none.

Is signing an apartment lease binding the very moment it's signed?


What if you cosigned for an apartment and the lease was broken?

You are legally bound to the lease and the obligations of the original contract as if it were your lease. You can take the person that you co-signed for to court for reimbursement.

How much is security deposit for an apartment?

Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment

Can you opt out earlier after 2 months even if you have signed a lease to rent for six months a room?

Not unless the lease specifically says that you can.

How can you get out of a lease that you signed?

Move out of the apartment, let them keep your deposit. Or you can, with the landlord's permission, assign the lease to someone else to take over.

If a lease has been signed for an apartment can you break the lease in the first 3 days?

There is no "cooling off period' for leases and rental contracts.

What can landlord do if the tenant has not signed a new lease but still in apartment?

The natural demise of the lease is grounds for eviction. The process varies by state.

Can your apartment charge you a security deposit after you have moved in and signed a lease?

They can ask, and some people might do it, but you don't have to, unless the deposit is written into the lease.

If you still have time in your lease can you get out of your apartment?

You can get out of a lease but there is always a penalty. Usually you have to pay aat least a months rent plus an additional charge. Some properties can charge you for the rest of the lease. That means if you have six months left on your lease then you owe six months rent!

Consequences of breaking the lease and not paying?

I am living in an apartment community in Costa Mesa. This is a big apartment community owner, and have hundreds of apartment communities. I am moving to a different state and wanted to check what would be the consequences if: - I don't pay the lease break fee and move out - I don't pay the apartment community the discount (two months' rent off) that they gave when I signed the lease for 15 months Will they be able to: - Freeze my bank accounts - Hold/seize on my federal tax return - File a criminal case against me? Please let me know

If you signed a lease for an apartment is it possible for them to move you to another apartment after you signed for that specific apartment already?

This depends on the terms of your lease. Read the fine print. Many (most) apartment complexes have clauses the lease which give the owner the authority to make changes like this whenever they want. The only legal ground you would have against something like that would be if they moved you into an apartment which was demonstrably of lower quality, smaller, or did not have features which you paid extra for. For example, if you paid extra for a ground-floor or handicapped accessible apartment.

If you cosigned on a year lease on an apartment for your son can the apartment hold you responsible when the lease is up if he doesn't pay his rent?

Yes, because you co-signed you signed a contract stating that you will guarantee that funds are paid if he cannot. The apartment complex can actually sue both of you because of the legal and binding contract that you both signed. We have to be very careful when we put our names and credit at risk for those we love.

Can i cancel apartment lease before it begins?

This will all depend upon what the contract says. If you signed a contract, you may be held to the lease or have to pay the penalty within the contract.

WHAT IS Gain to lease in apartment?

It means if an apartment rent is $500 and they rent you the apartment for $550, the apartments have a $50 gain to lease. If they rent it for $450, they have a $50 loss to lease.

Is a lease void if the apartment is not ready on the date promised and the tenant never received a lease?

Compensation should be made for the problem, but if the lease is signed, it is in force. Check with your state for the possible remedies you have for failure to have a habitable place.

Is a lease a contract signed?

Yes, a lease is a signed contract

Can I be evicted for having a cat in my apartment in new york state?

Yes, it is possible to get evicted if you signed a lease that does not allow cats. You will be given the option to rehome your cat, find a new apartment, or get evicted. If you signed a lease that says it allows cats (and you've paid the deposit / pet rent if applicable), then you can't be evicted.

Can mandatory renter's insurance be required months after a lease has been signed which does not include it?

You should have it anyway!

Can you change your mind about renting an apartment after you signed a lease but have not moved in yet?

If u pay first and last but didn't sign a lease or didn't move in can u get full payment back

Can a landlord decide to collect a security deposit five months after lease was signed?

They can change conditions upon renewal. Not sure if they can do this if it is not on the lease. Read your lease: it may be that they failed to collect it at the time.