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I know that in Canada, the insurance company cannot say you have to keep a car on the policy, it is your choice, however they may notify any lienholder or financial institution that you may owe money for on the car that you have deleted it.

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What happens if the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is deceased and there is no will?

In case of death of the policy holder, with beneficiary already deceased and there is no will, the Insurance Company will pay only to the Legal Heir of the Policy Holder. The death claim will be kept in abeyance till the legal heir proves his legal identity to the satisfaction of the Insurance Company.

Can your child be a beneficiary under your life insurance policy if you do not have legal custody of her and can a life insurance company require that you be their legal guardian?


Can a 17 year old have his own auto insurance in georgia?

No. Most insurance companies do not allow a minor to have their own policy because an insurance policy and application are a legal contract and a minor cannot generally be party to a legal contract. I do know of a couple of insurance companies that overlook this and allow even a 16 year old to buy a policy.

Can an Insurance Company back date a policy?

No, that is not something an insurer would do even if it were legal, which it is not.

Why do insurance company want a 16 year old to get insurance when the car is insured already?

That doesn't make sense. You may have misunderstood. The 16 year old driver would have to be listed on the policy as a driver. Most companies will not even allow a 16 year old to purchase insurance in their name because they are not a legal adult and an insurance application and policy make up a legal contract.

what legal paperwork do I need to start a policy in Mississippi moving there from Michigan?

Your insurance company should be able to transfer your policy for you without any problem,if they are a national company.

Can legal expenses insurance be used by a solicitor of your choice?

Read the policy contract you have with the insurance company. Unless the policy states that you must use, or choose from, attornies of their choosing, you may.

What happens if someone dies and has no beneficiary on his life insurance policy?

In that case, the money will be kept deposited with the insurance company as unclaimed amount. In absence of the beneficiary, the insurance company can pay the money to the legal heir of the policy holder, but that has to be sufficiently proved in the Court of Law.

Insurance company legal right?

I didn't sign any documents and insurance charged my credit card and created a policy. Type your answer here...

Will your insurance company terminate you if you do not complete a deposition?

Possibly. A deposition is a legal document, the results of an interview concerning a particular issue. If your insurance company needs to depose you (interview you under oath with a legal transcript) and you won't cooperate with them, there's a good chance that your insurance company won't cooperate with you on the issuance of an insurance policy.

Is it legal for a insurance company to auto renew an liability insurance policy in Connecticut?

I don't think it violates Connecticut insurance regulations. But you should be able to cancel the policy and get a pro-rated refund or full refund.

Can you cancel your 17 year old off your car insurance?

If the insurance company agrees you can sign an exclusion which would be a legal document stating that you will not allow your 17 year old to drive any vehicles in your home or possession and that if they do drive such a vehicle you agree that the insurance company is in no way liabile for any damage done and that no coverage applies from your insurance policy.

Is it legal for a insurance company to drop homeowners insurance on a deceased's home due to house being vacant?

The insurance company can only take action as premitted by the state in which it operates in. So, if your state, allow such action, then it is legal. The reason why, in this case, it would be warranted. The insurance company had a legal contract with the deceased. Once you pass away, then the legal obligation ends. Also, the risk has changed as a vacant home is more prone to claims than an occupied one. Most company provide coverage on vacant home as an accomodation for their clients. However, it is hard press to find a company to take a vacant home as a new policy.

Can married teenagers living at home go on parents insurance?

This is not a legal question, but a question about the insurance policy. However, most insurance policies no longer allow children to be dependents if they are married.

Are life settlements legal in Ontario?

No but as a resident of Ontario, you can invest in US resident life insurance policies through an investment company that holds a securities license and offers this service. So selling your own policy or buying another Ontario resident's insurance policy is a no no. But investing in a US policy through a licensed company in Ontario is legal.

Old line legal reserve life insurance company Texas predential Galveston?

Mu uncle found an old live insurance policy and was wondering if it was worth anything/ Policy number is 272892

Can a l7 year old have their own car insurance policy in Georgia?

Most insurance companies will not allow a 17 year old to own and insure their own vehicle. I have a couple of insurance companies that do allow them to have a policy. The reason I don't recommend to my customers that they not allow a 17 year old own a vehicle and iisurance their vehicle in their name is that they are not a legal adult under the terms of the lay. An insurance quote along with the policy itself make up a legally biniding agreement. A 17 year old is not technically allowed to sign a legal document.

How often can an insurance company inspect your home?

There is no legal limit. Most insurance companies will inspect the property at policy issuance and at policy renewal. But they can inspect it at any time they perceive a potential for a change in risk factors.

How long after death do you have to collect on a life insurance policy if the beneficiary can not be found?

You should contact the legal department of the insurance company and ask for its advice. The company may initiate a search for the beneficiary with the resources at its disposal.

How do you prove you have a Metropolitian Life Insurance policy?

Most companies will send you a policy confirmation letter. If you can not locate that, contact the company via phone, email, or log into your account to obtain your documents. Most insurance companies are happy to get you a copy of your insurance policy. That should serve as legal proof.

Can an insurance company write a policy on a home that is not owned by policy holder?

I do not think so unless there is some legal thing with stock holders or something you have to own the home.

If you purchased property and the survey was incorrect by 25 acres what does the title insurance do?

The title insurance company is liable for the legal description that was insured at market value/amount of your policy

Is it legal for the insurance company not to pay the loan company on a totaled car?

Yes. The insurance policy is a contract. All it requires the insurance company to do is to pay the fair market value of the vehicle. You would need to get what is called gap insurance to pay the difference between the market value and the loan value.

Can the insurance company at fault deny paing for treatment to injury from auto accident?

Sure. Remember that an insurance policy is a legal contract wherein the insurance company agrees to accept risk from the policy holder according to the terms of the contract. If the policy holder does not live up to the terms of the contract then the insurance company may deny coverage. For example, if the person lied to the insurance company on the application then the insurance company may deny coverage. One of the terms of the policy is that the insured agrees to inform the insurance company of all residents of the home as well as regular drivers. If the insured does not list his 17 year old child who drives one of the vehicles regularly and lives in the house and then the child has an accident the insurance company could not be expected to provide coverage for the accident. Since the insured broke the terms of the policy which is a legal contract then the company probably will not provide coverage because the insured committed material misrepresentation and lied in a significant manner on the application.

What does life insurance do?

Life Insurance is an Agreement between an individual and an Insurance Company on utmost good faith by which the Insurance Company undertakes to pay the nominee/authorised person/legal heir the specified sum assured in case of his/her unfortunate eventuality within the tenure of the policy.

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