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Is it legal for an eleven-year-old girl to baby-sit?


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Yes. There is no minimum age for a child to legally baby-sit since children mature at different ages.


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what is the legal age for a teenage to babysit


The Legal Age To Babysit In Utah Is 12 Years Old.

The legal age in California for a child to babysit is, I think, 14.

I am 14 and I babysit over the summer...

You have to be at least 16 or older to babysit

the legal age for a child to babysit is 12 and up

The legal age to babysit is 16 in France. You cannot be legally employed before that.

13 year old is the legal age to babysit sibling in the USA

The legal age in new zealand to babysit is from 14 years old and up

In Washington State, the legal age to babysit is 11.

1-8 is not aloud to babysit in canada

no, only up to age 14, i think

the age to be home alone and babysit is around 13

The legal age someone can babysit in new zealand is 14 but at home alone for under half an hour a 13 year old can babysit

The legal age to babysit in Australia is 18 or older because kids under age are not responsible for kids.

Yeah It Is Legal, in texas at least. :)

To stay alone you should be at the minimum age 11. To babysit you must be the age of 15 or older unless you are mature and highly trained there can be an arrangement to be at the age of 12.

In the UK, there is no legal law that states a teenager of any age cannot babysit. However, for the most part, parents do not let children under 12 years of age babysit.

One of the most legal ways would be to babysit.

There is no legal age to babysit in Minnesota. A 12 year old is an ideal age to watch siblings for a few hours.

IDK I think you can babysit anyone that you know, but not children that you don't have a relationship with.

You must be 14 years old to babysit a child in New Zealand.

The legal age to babysit in Canada is 12, but it can be earlier if you take specialized classes towards babysitting, where you can have the license to babysit at the age of ten at the youngest.

The legal age to babysit in Idaho is 11, even though, in more dangerous states, the law is different. Like in New york, you have to be 12.

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