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The question really boils down to whether the tape or the transcript of the tape would be admissible to a subsequent tribunal. Where a recording has been made without the knowledge of the subject of the recording being aware it would normally be inadmissible however, the admission or exclusion would be subject to legal argument concerning the relevance of the evidence outweighing its prejudicial affect. If the tribunal found that there was no or little prejudice to the claimant whilst the evidence itself was both relevant and cogent, it is likely that the evidence would be admitted. This is the position in the UK.

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Q: Is it legal for an employee to be tape recorded without the permission or knowledge of the employee when the employee was being questioned about an incident that may lead to a warning?
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What if your seven year old was questioned by a police officer without your knowledge concerning an incident that happened with a friend of hers?

That depends what happened.

If a supervisor accuses an employee of saying somethihing that an employee reported to her and it was untrue yet she assumed it to be correct is that defamation of character?

an incident happened at work where an employee accused another employee of saying she was allowed to do something the others weren't but the accused employee never spoke a word to either the supervisor or the employee who accused her . The accused employee was questioned . Also all other employees were reminded that they were not at liberty to do what the accused said she was allowed to do.

What is speculative knowledge?

A knowledge you percieve from circumstances and knowledge of a particular incident.

Who makes a determination if an incident or injury claim should be filed?


Am I going to get questioned by police?

Most people live their lives without being questioned by the police. If you have been involved with a suspicious activity, witnessed a suspicious activity, have been involved in an accident, or had another type of incident that the police could be involved in, then you are much more likely to be questioned.

Who determines the information to be included in an incident report?

The employee involved in the incident includes all the necessary information in an incident report. He should report it to his supervisor or immediate superior right away.

What does lack of knowledge mean?

lack of knowledge barrier is where someone who doesn't know much of the cause or incident that took place

Who must be notified if the victim or assailant of a violent incident is a civilian employee?

Civilian Personnel Office

Does sending an employee to the doctor make it an OSHA recordable event?

no, simply sending an employee do a doctor does not make an incident OSHA recordable. Receiving medical treatment beyond First Aid would make it recordable if other aspects of the incident were consistent with the requirements for recordability.

If medical records are given without permission what is the penalty for it?

Not enough specifics of the incident are disclosed in order to give an answer.

Can a 5 year old be questioned by police or social services without parents the incident did not involve accusation of parental abuse?

I don't think they can do that so no!

An incident involving an employee that almost trips on a loose piece of flooring should be reported as a what?

near miss

An incident involving an employee that almost trips on a loose piece of flooring should be reported as?

near miss

What are the conditions under which decision are made?

Employee was previously employed. During the 2 weeks notice period, employee decided not to show up for work at all. Second time employee was rehired, similar incident, 2 weeks notice put in then employee decided not to show up to work.

If you are exposed to potentially infectious blood or body fluids the incident must be reported to your supervisor and employee health personnel?


What is query letter to an employee for gloss disrespect towards his boss example?

A query letter to an employee for gloss disrespect towards a boss should address the incident directly. It should also outline possible consequences should the behavior continue.

How do you write warning letter to employee who fighting at workplace?

Writing a warning letter to an employee, regardless of the incident, can be a daunting task. Rule number one is to stick to the facts. State which rule was broken, such as fighting in the workplace, and what the consequences of further infractions will be.

When does an employee have to repay workers' compensation payments?

The workers' compensation insurer pays the employee benefits for a work-related injury. In many states, it is the sole remedy of the employee in the sense that the employee is prohibited from suing the employer for negligence that caused or contributed to the occurrence. It may also pay for injuries and lost wages resulting from a work-related incident when another person or entity caused it. The employee sometimes sues a third-party for injuries and/or lost wages stemming from the incident. If so, the workers' compensation insurer ordinarily asserts a lien on the recovery to the extent of its payment. That said, courts of different states have outlined the circumstances under which the insurer can recover from the proceeds of the suit, and how much.

For a relatively small internal hospital incident from which incident facility does the Incident Commander oversee incident operations?

Incident Comand Post

Can an employee be legally liable if they do not report a safety violation that eventually led to another employee's injury?

Failing to report a safety violation is usually considered to be employee misconduct. Under Workers Compensation laws in the United States, simple employee misconduct is addressed by Worker's Comp and the misbehaving employee cannot be sued by another employee of the same employer. However, if the employee intentionally failed to report the violation, knowing that the other employee was likely to be injured as a result, that could be egregious enough that Workers' Comp would cease to shield the misbehaving employee. Whether or not that is the case in a specific incident depends on the laws of the state where all this happened and the specific circumstances of the violation and the injury. Ask an attorney familiar with the laws of that state. Never rely on answers in this forum for such critical information.

What is an initial incident?

The initial incident is the incident leading to the rising action.

What is an IT incident?

computer incident

Work Injury Report?

Get StartedA Work Injury Report should be completed immediately following the incident or as soon thereafter as possible to comply with OSHA safety requirements. An employer is required to complete a detailed report of any recordable incident within 7 calendar days of learning of the event.Examples of recordable events include any event that results in any of the following:Results in the death of an employee.Loss of consciousness.Employee Misses Work.Employee's limited ability to work.Employee is transferred to a different position as a result of the incident.Addition Medical treatment is needed beyond first aid.(This list is not all encompassing. Employers should visit the OSHA website for a complete list and to review OSHA safety requirements).While the employer is required to complete a report to comply with OSHA safety requirements, the employee directly involved in the incident will typically provide the information. This report provides a detailed description of the event including the date and time, events leading up to the incident, a description of the incident, the resulting injuries and any other information the reporter elects to include.In order to comply with OSHA safety guidelines, Public Law 91-596 and 29 CFR 1904, an employer must retain the report regarding an incident for a minimum of 5 years following the year the incident occurred.

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