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I'm sure it's LEGAL, but I don't know if I would like my employer for doing that. On the other hand, most employers do not appreciate the extra effort involved in dealing with court orderd attachments to wages. By not taking care of your obligations you have placed an additional burden on your employer, they're just letting you know that they aren't happy about it. Having child support deducted from an employee's wages can be a voluntary action or one due to garnishment proceedings. Generally in either sitiuation the employer can charge an amount specified by the court, the reason being to offset administration costs. It is illegal for your employer to charge a fee for taking a court order on child support and deductions off your pay check because they are not allow to in the court of law. Only the court can do that off your bank acount.

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Q: Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking court ordered child support deductions out of your check?
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Employer is trying to remove money from our paychecks because of a mistake made when checking a patient in. They are trying to charge us for the total cost of the exam, is this legal?

Can your employer charge a 1099 employee for workmans comp?

An employer should not charge a 1099 employee for workman's comp. If you get a 1099 you are not in an employer, employee relationship You are an independent contractor.

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Contact the child support agency in your area in charge of disbursement/enforcement. They can probably obtain that information.

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Send it (or wire it) to the guardian in charge of the child in that country. Or you can send it to the court that ordered you to pay child support and let them figure out how to get it to Puerto Rico.

Can A Florida employer charge employees for uniforms?

Yes a Florida employer can charge employees for uniforms. They can deduct from your wages for uniforms worn on the job.

Can an employer charge the employee for the stop payment fee on a lost payroll check?

In Most States no they cannot. An employer cannot deduct any amount of money from your pay check unless there is a prior written agreemnet. This would also including deducting fees for lost or stolen company uniforms. Below is how the law in Tennessee reads.UNAUTHORIZED DEDUCTIONS FROM PAYCHECKUnder Tennessee law deductions can only be taken out of pay if the employee has authorized it by a written statement.

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No, simple as that.

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In Texas is it legal for an employer to charge you a fee for garnishment of wages for child support?

Yes. Most states charge a nominal fee for garnishments, a few states charge a considerable amount or percentage. In Texas the amount is a maximum of ten dollars ($10.00) monthly.

Can an employer in Indiana charge for wage garnishment?

yes he can

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What do I charge my employer for mileage?

Your employer should be telling you what the mileage is. At my place of employment, we get 50.5 cents a mile.

If a collection agency sends a letter to an employer asking for personal information should the employer answer it?

If the employment agency will charge a fee

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Could Criminal charge information be released to your employer?

Yes, if they asked.

Can an employer in Montana charge a fee to administer garnished wages?

yes they can

Can you file discrimination against your past employer?

Sure. Thousands do. But if the employer had fewer than 15 employees, it will properly ignore your charge.

If visitation is denied does one still have to pay child support in the state of California?

Yes, they are two completely separate issues. Failure to pay court ordered child support for any reason can result in serious consequences including a contempt of court charge.

What is the maximum fee an employer can charge an employee for wage withholding in ND?

They cannot charge any fee for performing the required payroll functions of an employer. They are required to withhold. The amount they must withhold is also defined.

How do I file a change of status?

Contact your employer, they can change it for you. You most likely will need to contact the person who is in charge of payroll, as was the case w/my employer.

Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking local taxes out of your check?

Absolutely "NO". They cannot charge to withhold taxes. They can charge to withhold a garnishment if instructed by the court.

In what circumstances are employment agencies used?

Employment agencies are designed to provide resources and support to individuals who are seeking work. In some instances, employment agencies charge a fee for their services to the job seeker, and in other instances employment agencies charge the employer that is seeking candidates for employment.

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