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Q: Is it legal for one person on a car title to hold the car from the other person on the title?
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What is the difference between legal and beneficial ownership?

The legal owner is the owner who has title to a certain asset. However, he can hold this on a trust or nominee basis, for somebody else. This other person is the beneficial owner.

Who is a person who reigns?

A person who reigns is a monarch. They can be a king, a queen, an emperor, a crown prince or hold some other title.

Can a lien be placed on a home own by two people when the other party is not involve in the debt?

It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.It depends on how they hold title and the basis for the lien.

Who has ownership if a guardian is listed on a deed?

The guardian would be holding title for the benefit of the ward IF the property was conveyed properly. For example, "to John Edwards as Guardian of Michelle Edwards". A guardian holds title for a person who lacks legal capacity to hold title but the ward owns the property.

What is the maximum number of terms a person can hold the title of president of the US?


What is legal mortgage?

The legal mortgage in land registry transfers the estate or interest in land or other property for securing the repayment of debt.Since the legal title can only be transferred once by the current owner(mortgagor) to a mortgagee,it follows that only the first mortgage can hold this distinct status.A legal mortgage is therefore a document in which the direct conveyance of title is involved subject to the repayment of a debt.

Can a title company put a lien on your vehicle if YOU still hold the title?

as long as you physically have the title in your possession and its in your name and they haven't signed the back, you are still the legal owner. A title company would have to give proof of your financial obligation to them

I bought a car that the title was not sent in and can't get hold of the person?

check with you local registration office

How old was Randy Orton when he became the youngest person to ever hold the world heavy weight championship?

Randy Orton at the age of 24 was the youngest person to hold a title belt in the WWE. That title belt just happen to be the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Can a 14 year old hold his own car title?

no, to hold a title you have to have a licence

Is it legal for a bank to hold a title to a vehicle that is paid for?

It is illegal for a bank to hold onto a title for a vehicle once a typical deadline for funds to clear for payment of said title has cleared. Contact your local attorney general and state government banking institution that governs bank licensing and file a complaint. They should notify you in writing as to why you have yet to receive your title.

What does the phrase 'as her property and estate' signify in a warranty gift deed?

That language directs that the grantor wants the grantee to hold title in her own right without any interference from any other person and that no other person shall acquire an interest by virtue of the conveyance to the grantee.

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