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* 2008 United States Spanking allowed in all states; the line between permitted corporal punishment and what is legally defined as abuse varies by state and is not always clear (laws typically allow "reasonable force" and "non-excessive corporal punishment") Virginia Supreme Court: Excessive, unreasonable, or cruel punishment is unlawful. A parent has the right to administer such reasonable and timely punishment as may be necessary to correct faults in children. The right cannot be used as a cloak for the exercise of malevolence or the exhibition of uncontrolled passion on the part of the parent. Punishment must be within the bounds of moderation and reason and for the welfare of child, if due moderation is exceeded then parent is criminally liable. The age, size and conduct of child will be considered as well as the instrument used for punishment and the kind of marks or wounds inflicted on the child's body. Carpenter v. Commonwealth, 44 S.E.2d 419 (Va., 1947)

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Is it legal to spank children in North Carolina?

Yes it is legal to spank a child.

Is it legal to spank a 3 year old toddler in Virginia. Isn't there an age limit to spanking in Virginia?

It is legal as you are going to spank gently with no intention of harming the 3 year old. um if there was that'd be weird. You can't give them timeouts til after they are two. You can only spank your own children, if you spank others, that is just wrong

Is it legal or illegal to spank a child in Virginia?

Assuming you're talking about parents spanking their child -- it's not illegal to spank your child, but it is illegal to abuse your child (they're different things).

Is it legal to spank children?

no it is not legal because spanking your children is wrong and it hurts too

Is it legal for someone other than parents to spank a child?


Is it legal for parents to spank their children in Tennessee?

yes it is. however it can vary from state to state for example: In California a parent can spank their child as long as they do not leave a mark. contact your local law enforcement.

Is it illegal to spank a child in the state of Michigan?

I am in the state of Michigan, and I spank my children. It is legal, as long as it is not abusive.

Is it legal to spank your kids in Maine?

Spanking your children is legal in all 50 states. BUT in 29 states it is illegal for teachers/principals to spank your kids.

Is it legal for parents to spank a seventeen year old?

If the child needs it.

Are parents allowed to spank their children as discipline?

the more spankin the better

Can parents give a babysitter permission to spank their children?

The legal basis varies by countries and states. In many US states, laws prohibit babysitters from using corporal punishment on children. In some, it would constitute abuse even if condoned by the parents.

Is it illegal in Texas to spank a child in public?

No, parents may discipline their children as long as they do not injure them.

Why do you get spank on the butt?

thats where parents spank so much

Is it right for parents to hit their children?

It depends - parents should be allowed to spank their children. But beating, hitting, or any kind of abuse should not be tolerated. Children are children, but nevertheless human - albeit humans with rights.

Does kate gosselins love Leah whil she spanked her?

Of course. Parents can spank their children and still love them.

What did parents take away from their children before tv?

Parenting today is NOT all that different. Usually, parents would scream, spank, and take away things their children like.

Is it legal for parents to spank their children?

Yes. Most states constitute corporal punishment when it comes to juveniles in the household. It becomes another issue when there are marks, bruises, etc left by the parent. Who gives a shat?!?!

Is spanking your child with a belt legal in Hawaii?

Yes u can spank your children anywhere just don't kill them

When do you think parents should stop spanking their children?

Five years old some people still spank their children even if their 18

Do Jews believe in spanking?

Some Jewish parents will spank their children, some won't. It's not a matter of belief.

Is abusing a child a crime?

yes it is! never abuse your child! some parents spank their children when they do something that they shouldn't do, but that does not count as child abuse. that's discipline. but if you spank or hit your children for no reason or for a bad reason that's CHILD ABUSE.

Is it legal to spank your child?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. It's just a choice of how you are going to dicipline your child. It depends on the definition of "spank". The law recognizes the need to see to the upbringing of your child, but the state will step in and prevent a child from being assaulted, even by his own parents.

Should parents spank their adult kids?

No, parents should not spank their adult children (18 and up.) Since they are an adult and if you do not like the way they are acting in your home or if they are living with you and do not follow the reasonable rules of your home then you have the right to give them notice to be out by the end of the month.

Is it illegal to spank a child with a stick?

its illegal to spank children but I am not sure if its with a stick

Why if your bad do your parents spank you?

Some parents may spank. Others might use consequences. Both are to correct a child's behavior.