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Repo people are the scum of the earth. They are nothing more than prostitutes for finance companies. Yes, the can follow you as long as they do NOT try to physically remove you from your vehicle. That would be an assault. If they enter your private property, you can tell them to leave, if they don't, that is criminal tresspassing. Anytime you park your vehicle, either have it parked in a closed garage or have it blocked by other vehicles. Repo folks cannot enter a closed garage (at your house) or remove any vehicles blocking your vehicle. Repo folks can have keys cut to your vehicle WITHOUT your permission. Repo folks can tell you by law, you must give up your vehicle to them...THAT IS A LIE I am in the towing business and they cause so much trouble for towing companies. If you get out of your unattended vehicle for just an instance, consider your vehicle GONE . Repossession agents can obtain a court order (replevin) to recover a vehicle. The person who has the vehicle must surrender it or be held in contempt of a court order. It is not illegal for them to come onto the property to retrieve a vehicle subject to repossession. It is a fact they cannot take a vehicle from a garge locked or not or remove a lock from a secured gate without a court order. It is perfectly legal for them to follow the vehicle regardless of who is driving it, and to take possession of it at the first opportunity that will not constitute a breach of peace. Repossession agents are simply doing what they were contracted to do by the lender. a vehicle does not belong to the borrower until the contract agreement has been completed according to terms. Who wrote the contract that says they may take your personal items and then sell them back to you when you inquire about them? Opportunistic scumbags indeed..... Try paying your bill and the repo man will have no choice but to ropo other peoples unpaid for junk.

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