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If the insurance company will insure the car, there's no law against it. However, it won't be covered if YOU drive it with a 'dead' license.


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Most insurance companies will specify that the driver must be 'road legal'. That means a valid driving licence for the vehicle must be held, an expired licence is not a 'valid' licence.

A 220 Florida insurance license is a general lines agent license. It gives the license holder the legal right to sell property and liability insurance.

Yes, so long as they are of legal age to purchase alcohol.

the legal owner of the car needs to purchase the insurance....

Yes. The car dealer is responsible for insurance when cars are test driven. They only need to make certain the potential driver has a valid license.

Only people with a license and car insurance are legal to drive a car, though many people without a license and/or insurance drive cars daily.

If the judgement has any adverse comment on the agent's moral conduct, there is no legal bar in persuing renewal of life insurance license.

No. If it's expired, you effectively do not have a permit, the same as if your driver's license is expired, you are not licensed. You may be able to contest or weasle your way out of a ticket if it recently expired and you encounter a forgiving police or parking officer, but it is not legal.

A marriage license is required to have a valid marriage and is usually the first step in getting married is for the couple to apply for a license at the clerk/recorder for their county. This can be done live or online. Then the couple must appear at the clerk's office to pick up the license, or if the couple had applied in person, the license can be sent by mail. If the license has expired before getting married then you need to get a new one.

No, Insurance companies require the rider to be 'road legal' and that includes the need for a valid license for the motorcycle to be insured.

Yes you will probably lose your license and the rest if still refuse to go get your insurance and get your registrations updated. You asked what to do. Again Go get your insurance and registrations renewed, you'll probably also now have to file an SR22 in order to prove that you have now decided to comply with your legal requirements, after which you will have no p[roblem regaining your license and you tags.

yes if its not stolen then yes but only if there is a legal tag registration and insurance and not over 49cc

== == You don't have any legal rights when the voucher becomes expired, you are out of luck.

In the state of Georgia, the state will reguire a 6-months prepaid policy along with a SR22A filing in order to get your license back. In the state of Georgia, you can't get insurance with a suspended drivers license cause your not legal to drive with a suspended license.

Presuming that you have obtained licence for acting as an agent or broker, there is no harm or legal bar in getting insurance policy in your name.

You need a license but not insurance: DMV.ORG - The Unoffficial Guide to the DMV

There is no legal grace period. However, most law enforcement officers will give you a grace period to get your license renewed. The judges will generally as well.

You don't need to get insurance just because you got your license; it's not directly connected like that. If you have a valid license, and don't own a car, you could drive someone elses car that is insured by them. BUT you do need insurance to register a car and be legal. You would want insurance the day you buy and register a car.

In most states including Nebraska, proof of insurance is needed to get drivers license. They will also require proof of legal ownership.

Usually there is no legal requirement for landlords to purchase landlord insurance. It is typically a supplemental insurance for landlords in case there is damage caused to their property that is not covered by other insurance policies.

It is a kind of expenses like insurance expense, legal and professional expenses

Nothing. The GPL is not a license you purchase. It is legal to sell Linux distributions, but most (Except for Red Hat Enterprise and a few others.) don't cost a thing and are free to download.

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