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yes it is legal to drive your truck in Texas with the tailgate down.

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Q: Is it legal in Texas to drive a truck with the tailgate down?
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Is it legal to drive in FL with your truck's tailgate down?


Is it legal to drive in SC or GA with truck tailgate down?


Is it legal to drive a truck in GA with the tailgate down?

Yes. You are, however, responsible for ensuring that any cargo you have in the bed is secured.

Is it legal to drive in Nebraska with your truck's tailgate removed?

Yes. However, you are responsible for ensuring any cargo or other items you have in the bed are secured.

Is it illegal to drive in Tennessee with your truck's tailgate down?

It is technically illegal to drive with your tailgate down in Tennessee. This is considered to be an unsecured load, even if there is nothing in the bed of the truck. This is only considered a violation.

Can you take the tailgate off your truck and be legal?

Yes as long as your load is secured.

If the back door of a pickup truck is called a tailgate then what is its equivalent on a big rig truck?

its called a tailgate(:

Are pronets or driving with no tailgate legal in pa?

Perfectly legal. You are, however, responsible for ensuring that any load/cargo/etc. in the back of your truck is secured.

Is a pickup truck with no bed in Ohio legal to drive?


Can your husband stop you from driving his truck?

If he has legal ownership of the truck yes, if not you may drive the truck if you own it or have permission from the owner.

How much is it to tailgate?

The cost to tailgate depends on how much it costs to park your car or truck. Once your parked in the parking lot, you can tailgate for free...

How do you take a tailgate off a 2002 Dogdge truck?

Hold the tailgate open about half way, release both tailgate straps, lift up and out on passenger side of tailgate, slide tailgate to the right, done.

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