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Yes. It is your personal property. It is taking up space on the property of the repossession agency. They may charge you for using that space.

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Q: Is it legal in the state of New York to be charged a fee to collect your personal belongings from a repossessed vehicle you don't plan to get back?
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If a judgment has been filed against you on a credit card debt in the state of Georgia legally what can they do to collect the debt?

They can hold your pay or reposes your personal belongings.

Can the lender collect the rest of the money you owe on a car that they repossessed?

In most cases, YES

How long can they try to collect money from a repossessed car?

Until the Statute of Limitations tolls on the judgement.

You moved out of house you co own with ex partner can you go back to get belongings?

As you are a co owner of the house you have every right to go back and collect all your belongings, and she can not stop you.

What will happen to a car once it is repossessed?

It will be auctioned off and the bank will want to collect the difference of what it sold for and what your loan was.

What is done with the tags of repossessed vehicles?

More often than not, repossession agent do like to be bothered with personal property and vehicle tags. It just creates a lot of extra paperwork, and takes away time that they would rather use looking for the next vehicle. So, often, the agents will make contact once the vehicle is secured on the truck hook, and give the borrower time to collect his belongings in exchange for the vehicle keys.

What companies in Chicago can help with water damaged belongings?

FX Restoration could help you collect your belongings from your wet basement. It is a reliable company in Chicago which can help for 24 hours 7 days a week.

What are the rights of a person who Co signing a church car loan and the car is repossessed with the bank trying to collect?

I wish I knew

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If a car was repossessed in NC and in a matter of 4 days was at the auction with all of the personal things being trashed what rights would one have?

The first thing is you would need an itemized list of the personal belongings in the vehicle at the time it was repossessed. Second, you would have to refute the repos agency's likely claim that you refused to collect your personal property when they notified you of it. Third, you can sue them for the replacement cost of the property, but if it does not exceed $1000, it is a waste of your time. Your only other option is to file a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau, but this will have about the same affect as a water ballon thrown at a tank. You could try to file criminal charges against the driver and lot owner for theft of your property, but I don't see that getting far either. Saddly, there is little you can do that will be effective. It is mildly illegal. No question it is wrong. But, it is what it is.

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