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It is until you have registered as a married citizen in America.


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Of course! Being married does not affect one's legal status, even a legal alien can be deported for criminal activity.

I would assume that if you were deported you were not a legal citizen or you have committed a crime to be deported back to whatever country you come from unless you cash out your 401k.

If you commit a crime, and are not a citizen of the United States, you can be deported, regardless of whether or not your parents are a citizen.

If the child is a legal citizen they go to the closest legal relative, if there is no one to take the child they go into foster care. If the child is not a legal citizen they will be deported with the parent. If the child is a legal citizen and they aren't registered in school they can be deported with the parent as well.

Yes, however depending upon the specific circumstances the process can be very complicated and lengthy. That aside, being married to a citizen does not convey immunity status on a alien legal or not from being deported under USCIS laws.

Any illegal can be deported. However, it's different when you're married and have kids. Your kids are immediately legal. You're still not. Go to the U.S. government site and look up what you have to do to become a citizen when you are married.

A person can certainly be deported if they are married illegally in the United States. If there is a wife in another nation, the marriage in the United States is not legal.

Yes. Just because he's a "legal" alien, he is not a US citizen, but is a citizen of another country. If he makes himself Personae Non Grata in this country he can be expelled from the US.

Yes, it is a legal marriage, however, it does not mean the illegal alien won't be deported back to their country.

This question doesn't make sense. Deported means made to leave the country. And that means the person was not a legal resident of Canada. You can only join the Canadian army if you are a citizen.

If you are deported, there are no prohibitions to you getting married. You might also be able to prevent deportation if your spouse has legal status in the United States.

Yes, they can get married. It does not make the illegal legal, or even allow them to get a green card. They can still be deported as an illegal.

a legal member of a country is a citizen.

Yes, the child is a legal U.S. citizen, mother remains foreign citizen which means you could still get deported. You have the option of taking the child with you back to the foreign country until you fix your situation. If you take him/her out of the U.S. he/she has permission to come back in the country. When your child turns 18, they can "claim" the mother and the mother can become legal.

the imagrant should be deported or become a citizen. technicly the baby is a legal citizen.

A legal immigrant can and should be deported if he/she does something against the law of their host country. It isunconscionable to live in a country then commit a crime, no country should have to deal with that, or having to foot the bill in a prison for that individual.

If your question here is "Can a legal immigrant get married to an U.S. citizen," then the answer is yes. In fact, I happen to have a very close family friend who is not an U.S. citizen and is married to one.

I'm not sure how a person is 'illegal,' but if the marriage is recognized as legal in the country it was performed in, the US will recognize it as a legal marriage.

No, in order for you to become a legal citizen of the United States you must be a legal resident that has been living in this country for at least two years before you can apply for your citizenship.

Yes, if a person is a legal and registered citizen of the specific country, state, province or continent etc. and is married to his/her partner that is otherwise; then yes, he/she can therefore be legible and almost positively receive citizenship.

You can certainly have a legal marriage. However, that will not change his status automatically and he could still be deported. And since he has a felony, obtaining the appropriate visa to come into the country to get married will be difficult. You could find yourself married and have to either abandon the marriage or move to his country of origin.

No. That is not legal in any European country.

No. He or she can and will be deported when the authorities notice his or her legal status.

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