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no it is not legal anywhere. i thought that was common knowledge

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Yep at 18 you are adult and they are no longer responsible for you..

They have legal rights to be able to retrieve their possessions. You can contact an attorney through Legal Aid to help you with this if you need the law on your side.

well yes you are but you have to be home before the legal curfue of your state

The age of majority is 19 in NS but you can leave or be kicked out and be on your own from the age of 16. Under 16 they will have to bring you back home.

the 17 year old can emancipate (idk if that's spelled right) himself so he can be on his own, and you can just keep him in your house and stuffs because his parents don't want him

Technically they can. My friend is 18 and in High School and was recently kicked out of his parents house. If you were emancipated, then it is legal. Since this person is 19, they are an adult, making this allowed.

Same as before. Pregnancy don't change that. Your parents still decide over you and you decide over your baby.

As long as you are a minor your parents will decide where you live. So if you when you are of legal age want to move to the other parent and they are willing, then you can move. In Idaho it's at 18yo.

The legal age to move out of your house with parental consent is 17

no, unless they leave their parents home and go to a legal adult's house and that adult files as the minor's legal guardian

{| |- | Yes it would be legal. A minor is required to live where their parents ask them to live. They can have their child live anywhere that they are safe and cared for. It does not relieve the parents of their responsibilities to the child. |}

What is the legal age that a teenager can move out of their parents house in the state of Florida with or without parental consent?"

Same as before. Pregnancy don't change that. Your parents still decide over you and you decide over your baby.

What is the legal age a girl can move out of her parents house?

If you have your parents' permission, yes.

Without your parents permission 18 in the United States. Call local court house for more information

no, because the parents were born before you

Legal right, no. However if living in the parents house under the parents rules absolutely they have the right to.

you can get legal emancipated but you will have to go to court and your parents have to agree

The legal age is 18 to move out of your parents house! Sorry

Same as before. The pregnancy doesn't change anything regarding your rights apart when it comes to your child. Him/her you are allowed to decide over like your parents decide over you.