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Is it legal to be married to two people?

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Not in most countries. There are a few countries were having more than one wife is allowed, several in Africa. In the US it is bigamy and is against the law.

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Can you be married to two people at once?

Depends what country you are in. It is illegal in the UK, for example, but legal in Egypt.

Is it illegal to be married to two people from two different countries?

Some countries allow a man to be married to more than one woman at the same time. If all parties involved are from countries where polygamy is legal, than both marriages are legal.

Can a man be married to two women and both be legal in the USA?


What are the legal effects of joint banking accounts between two unmarried people?

Should be the same as if they were married one would think.

Why do you need to bring divorce papers to get remarried?

It is simply a legal matter since you cannot be married to two people at the same time.

Can I marry another man before the judge signs my divorce and it be legal in Oregon?

No, you cannot be legally married to two people at the same time.

If you get married in Cuba is it legal in Canada?

A couple who was married in Cuba is also legally married in the nation of Canada. The two nations have reciprocity.

Is a legal separation form legal without being filed?

No. If two people are legally married that means there's a record of the marriage, in order for a seperation to be legal the form needs to be filed, otherwise the records will still hold the union.

When is a child a step child?

when the two parents that are dating become married and are legal

Who are you legally married to if you are married to two different people?

the first person you married

Can you get married to two people of the opposite sex at the same time without it being bigamy?

Answer Your answer is No, unless you are in some sort of religious cult, then it would be legal but only as long as you lived in the cult. Nowhere in North America is marrying two women legal.

Is there a way to get married and not have kids?

Marriage and kids are two distinct things: you can have either without the other. Marriage is purely a legal status as defined by laws. Technically, two people could become married without ever having met in person.

Is it legal to marry your first cousin in Ireland?

There are several rules for getting married in the country of Ireland. One of the rules is that two people can not be related by blood or marriage.

Is legal to be married in 2 different countryes with twodifferents people?

It depends on the laws of the two countries. If for example one of them is the US, then the person who does such thing will be punished by law.

Can two be married in the eyes of god and not legally?

That is a matter of religious belief. Many people who are not legally married believe they are married "in the eyes of God". That belief carries no weight outside that relationship. Only a legal marriage is officially recognized in the Western World.

What year was Alexander Fleming married in?

he married two people who he married in 1915 and 1949.

Can a married man give up his rights to his children?

No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.

Is marrying two people legal?

not yet

Can two narcissist get married?

can two people who are narcissists get married and be happy, how canthey keep up their mask

Why be married by a pastor?

Some people believe marriage is an institution created by God, and therefore they want to get married by a pastor. But it is not necessary to get married by a pastor for your marriage to be legal.

Can you get married on rs?

If you want to :P but not officially also it is not legal according to some people

Can I get married in two different states?

You can get married in different states but you can only be married to one person at a time. You can't marry again until you have obtained a legal divorce.

What is it called when you are married to 2 people at the same time?

Bigamy, if you are married to two people at once you are a bigamist.

Is it Legal to get married in Belgium if married in another country?

No. That is not legal in any European country.

Did John Wilkes Booth have a wife?

John Wilkes Booth married Izola Mills on February 9, 1859 in a fit of passion. The marriage was not legal because Izola was married at the time to Charles Bellows. Yes, Izola was married to two people at the same time.

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