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Is it legal to buy tramadol online?


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Check your local or national laws (depending on what country you are in). In most it is legal and convenient! Only legal in U.S if doctor prescribed.


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In most countries, it is not legal to order Tramadol online. Generally, it is only legally available with a prescription.

Tramadol is now classified an opiate which is a controlled substance.OR:Tramadol has always been a controlled substance. It is classified as an Opioid, and can be legally purchased online from a doctor's prescription provided you had an in person evaluation by the Doctor who prescribes it.

It is only illegal to buy Tramadol online in The United States where the state that it is being purchased in has scheduled the drug as a controlled substance. Tramadol is not currently a controlled substance under the DEA Controlled Substance Act.OR: The DEA schedules drugs, not states. Tramadol is a Federal Schedule 2 opioid, and therefore a controlled substance. To legally buy it online in the US, it must be prescribed by a Doctor who has personally examined you.

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The HCL in Tramadol HCL stands for hydrochloride. Tramadol is sold as Tramadol and Tramadol HCL

You must see a physician for a prescription for tramadol, which is available at any pharmacy. This is a very powerful pain reliever that can be easily misused or abused.

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