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Is it legal to drive in CA with your truck's tailgate down?

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Hi Folks, This question is very "Specific"... Doesn't appear to me that this question has anything to do with a person with a load in their vehicle or how to mark it, how many feet the load extends past the tailgate, etc... The "Real" and "Accurate Answer" to this question is a definite "YES".. In California you are allowed to drive your Pick-Up Truck with the Tail-Gate Down... Anything else that you do with your Vehicle, Trucks or otherwise of course "Common Sense" applies here... Thanks and Have A Good Day Folks...

No. If you have supplies in the back of your truck that extend a few feet past your taillights, you will need to flag the end of the supplies. If you are just trying to save on fuel by driving with your tailgate down, you may want to look up the TV show Mythbusters. They tested 2 of the same trucks, driving down the same road at the same speed, with the same weight driver... and the truck with the tailgate up got better gas mileage. Air travels over the cab and across the bed without going into the bed. Lowering the tailgate created a vortex in the bed of the truck, which caused more turbulence.

2014-04-21 00:54:40
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Not illegal; keeps tailGaters off yer butt too!

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Q: Is it legal to drive in CA with your truck's tailgate down?
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Is it legal in Texas to drive a truck with the tailgate down?

yes it is legal to drive your truck in Texas with the tailgate down.

Is it legal to drive in Texas with the tailgate down?


Is it legal to drive in FL with your truck's tailgate down?


Is it legal to drive in SC or GA with truck tailgate down?


Is it legal to drive a truck in GA with the tailgate down?

Yes. You are, however, responsible for ensuring that any cargo you have in the bed is secured.

Is driving with your tailgate down illegal in Virginia?

As long as it does not obscure your lights or license plate you can drive with your tailgate down.

Is it illegal to drive in Tennessee with your truck's tailgate down?

It is technically illegal to drive with your tailgate down in Tennessee. This is considered to be an unsecured load, even if there is nothing in the bed of the truck. This is only considered a violation.

Do two wheel drive trucks have torsion bars?

Two wheel drive trucks have torsion bars to help adjust the ride of the vehicle. They can be turned up or down based on the vehicle's load.

Do you get better gas mileage if you drive your truck with the tailgate down?

Not only is gas mileage not improved by driving with the tailgate down or removed, it gets worse. Counter-intuitively, driving with the tailgate down increases the aerodynamic profile and wind resistance, degrading fuel economy. (Mythbusters recently debunked the myth. See link.) See the Related Link for "Mythbusters Episode #43" at the bottom left.

Is it legal to drive with the tail gate down in Illinois?

Its not really legal anywhere. It blocks the rear license plate

Does driving with the tailgate down give better gas mileage?

No, it has been shown that driving with the tailgate down creates a sort of wind drag that actually decreases gas mileage. The article I read did not address driving with the tailgate off, however.

How do you remove the tailgate from a 1993 Chevy Blazer What if the window is broken out and the tailgate wont go down?

take it to a transmission shop

Are locomotives street legal?

No; you cant have a license to drive one down the street.

Is it legal to drive truck in TN with tail gate down?

no i don't think so

Does lowering your tailgate help your gas mileage?

Yes, relieves wind resistance.////you should not do this the tailgate could come off if not held down

How do you remove tail lights on 2006 F150?

pull down the tailgate and there will be two screaws or nuts on the inside of the tailgate where the light means the tailgate remove them and wigle the light and should come out the bulbs are on the back of the light

How do you lock the tailgate on a 1993 blazer?

its locked while window is down.

Can someone tell me how cars are loaded on those double level trailers pulled by semi-trucks?

A person drives the cars onto the trucks. The top level of the truck lowers down to a degree that a driver can drive the cars on the ramps and locks the ramp back up in position.

What vehicle is not allowed to drive down the right hand lane of a three lane motor way?

Trucks/Lorries, or any slow moving vehicle.

What are the ratings and certificates for Down Home with the Neelys - 2008 Backyard Tailgate 3-11?

Down Home with the Neelys - 2008 Backyard Tailgate 3-11 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

Does riding went the tailgate down save gas?

no riding with the tailagte down does not save gas. when driving, there is a circular swirl of air made when the tailgate is up and this makes the wind coming off the front of the truck bypass the bed and continue over the back. dropping the tailgate stops this affect and droppes the gas mileage.

How can you get your tailgate window up on your 1995 bronco?

Use the circular key, once inserted into tailgate, turn key to the left of right to make window go up and down..

How do you economize on your fuel?

People try to "hyper mile" by going slow and steady, driving behind big trucks on the highway, coasting down hills- etc. Do these, but be SAFE about it. Don't tailgate a big truck, it's very dangerous. Do coast down hills whenever possible, do multiple errands in one trip, etc.

Is putting a truck tail gate down more efficient on fuel?

It helps. A2 NO. Mythbusters did this one. They found that contrary to popular belief, it is better to keep the tailgate up. It's something to do with the wind turbulance. With the tailgate up, it causes a vortex which helps slipstream the air over the cab. With the tailgate down it causes drag behind the vehicle.

What is the weight limit for the tailgate when its down?

My tailgait suffered with 6 bags of concrete and 9 6x6x12' Pressure treated posts. It wrinkled the top of the tailgait. The max weight on the tailgate is 250 LBS.