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If the car you are driving is insured then you are not driving without insurance.

2012-06-21 06:25:45
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Can you drive in the state of Florida on a learners permit without insurance?

The VEHICLE that you are driving must be properly insured.

Texas uninsured driver driving insured vehicle?

Is driving without insurance

What is the penalty for driving your bosses car if it is not insured?

If you are driving the car, then you are officially liable for driving without proof of insurance, but most police will be understanding if you are driving a company car that you didn't know was insured.

Driving without insurance in Florida and got into an accident?


What is the penalty for driving a car without insurance in Florida?

I could be wrong, but im pretty sure its not illegal to be without car insurance in the state of Florida.

What is the legal if drives your friend car in that car is not insured and you get a ticket for driving without insurance?

If there is no insurance on the vehicle and you get a ticket for driving without insurance you are guilty of the offense and will have to pay your fine. Even though the vehicle belongs to someone else it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure there is valid auto insurance on the vehicle before driving it.

Can you get insurance Florida without a drivers lincence?

Yes. It is the vehicle that is being insured, NOT the owner. The owner's license status is irrelevant.

Can an unlicensed driver be ticketed for driving without insurance and the car they are driving is insured?

A driver who does not have a valid drivers license will be fined and charged, this has nothing to do with a car that is insured, if the driver is caught and cannot prove that the car is insured the fine will be doubled or tripled. No sane person would drive a car without a valid license or insurance, no matter what part of the civilized world you live in.

Will a traffic lawyer help on a driving without insurance case?

No. Retaining legal counsel would not change the outcome. Either you were insured or you were not.

How many points driving on your driving record for driving without insurance?

I'm not sure, but driving without insurance is STUPID, and DANGEROUS!

What is the Law for driving without car insurance in Virginia?

If your car is registered in VA and you live there, and they find out that it's not insured, they will fine you $500 PER CAR for not having insurance. They'll find out eventually.

Who can help you fix your car if you have no insurance?

The answer to this one is simple. GET INSURED !! you are breaking the law, by driving on UK roads without valid insurance for the vehicle you are driving. There is NO EXCUSE for not being insured. What if you accidentally hit something or some-one ? Your insurance would cover you, and save you the expense of a private claim against you personally, not to mention the fines and points you will receive !! In short, if you can afford a car and to run it - you can afford insurance. NO EXCUSES !!

Will insurance pay for an accident if you aren't insured with a permit?

Is this about an auto accident? Are you a young driver who didn't yet have a regular license and was driving with only a learner's permit? What do you mean "you aren't insured"? Drivers aren't insured; vehicles are. Was the car insured or not? If not, what were you doing driving it, and what makes you think there's even a remote chance that insurance will pay? (Unless you're talking about the other driver's liability insurance -- assuming there was another driver.) Or are you some sort of contractor who was working on some sort of job without a work or construction permit?

Can an insurance co give you insurance without a license?

yes in my state i had to get insurance before i could get my license back Yes, Every State requires you have an insured vehicle before before you can even take the driving test to get your license.

Can you be fined for driving without proof of insurance even though you are insured and just can't find the card inside the vehicle at the time of the pull over?

Probably, most states require proof of insurance.

If you have lost your license can you still insure a car?

This depends where you live. In some countries the car is insured itself and anyone can drive it, but in other countries a car owner is insured. In the countries where the owner is insured, you will not get insurance without a valid driving license as you are not allowed to drive the car anyways!

If your friend gets a speeding ticket in your car and is NOT insured but you are and they didn't give the officer your insurance info what will happen?

In the US insurance has nothing to do with speeding. If your state has mandatory insurance, the fact that your car is insured is good enough but the officer may want to see proof of insurance. Here it is the vehicle that is insured, not the driver. In UK you should not let anyone drive your car on the public road without checking they are insured. You can be fined if you let them drive without insurance.

What happens when a driver carrying SR22 insurance in South Carolina receives a speeding ticket for going 80 mph in a 70 mph zone?

You have to pay the ticket or fight it just like every body else. SR22 Insurance is the same as Auto Insurance, Except that a court has ordered you to have your insurer file a Form SR22 as proof that you are insured with the state to assure them you are properly insured so that your drivers license was not suspended. The SR22 is usually ordered because of a prior citation, usually for drinking and driving or driving without insurance or for a prior accident without insurance.

What would happen if a friend lets you borrow his insured car and you get into an accident but you do not own a car or have insurance?

I believe most insurances will cover the damages if the car is insured and you have a license, but if you do not have a license the insurance will not cover anything you are both liable. Your friend is liable for loning you the car without a license and you are liable for driving it.

What is the fine for driving without insurance in Ontario Canada?

The fines and associated punitive fees for driving without insurance are determined by your jurisdiction.

What is the statute of limitations for driving without insurance in IN?

There is no such SOL. Driving without insurance is a violation of motor vehicle regulation violations NOT a crime.

What are the consequences of driving without a valid UK licence?

You can be convicted for number of faults if you are driving without a driving license. For example you can also be convicted for not having insurance. Because driving without valid driving license invalidates your insurance also.

If caught driving without proof of insurance and convicted is this considered a misdemeanor?

If caught driving without proof of insurance and convicted is this considered a misdemeanor?

What is the penalty of driving with expired insurance but my car is still insured and it was just the card that is expired?

It is same as driving without the insurance, need to renew the policy before it's expiry date.There shouldn't be lapse in the current policy,has to be renewed when it's about to expire to maintain its continued validity as current policy.

Are you are allowed to buy a tag and registration in Florida without insurance?

No. They will not let you register it without insurance unfortunately.