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Sharing License Keys

It is rarely ever legal to share license keys even with your own immediate family members for any software or online service. The only keys that are "legal" to share are those for trial versions etc that are licensed for free distribution anyway. Sharing keys for software/online services such as Ultra MP3 (including the mobile version) is the equivalent of pirating, because you obtained such information without paying for it - which is the whole point of having license keys: to be able to use such software or online service and prove that you did purchase it.

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  • Yes, but no one cares just do it.
  • Yes.
  • No, I've been fined for it ($5000).
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Q: Is it legal to exchange license keys for an Ultra MP3?
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Your imei 359365003979543

No it will not. The Enterprise version can only be activated with Open License keys.?

No it will not. The Enterprise version can only be activated with Open License keys.

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Is it legal to share personal license keys for MP3 players?

It depends on the company that develope the software. As for me why bother to use a software but at the same time there is hundreds of software that not charging a single cents! Licence normally allowed only a SINGLE USER unless it is stated.

What is the registration key for advanced system optimizer 3?

WikiAnswers does not support illegal acts, such as distributing license keys for paid software. Buy the software, read the license agreement, and comply with it.

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