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You would need to sue the parents or legal guardian of the minor in the proper court of venue, if you win and are awarded a judgment, generally a judgment can by executed against the property of the losing defendant(s). Bear in mind that depending on the specific circumstances, most states have a specific amount that can be recovered in lawsuits naming minor defendant and their parent(s) or guardian, ususally making it a small claims case.

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Q: Is it legal to file a lien for an offense committed by a minor?
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Can you file a civil suit against a parent of a minor who committed a crime against you?


Why can't a minor file a lawsuit?

A minor can't execute a binding contract, sign a complaint or hire an attorney because they don't have legal capacity. For that reason, a guardian must be appointed by the court to act on behalf of the minor in legal matters.

What is the legal age for someone to file a complaint without a parent's signature?

It Depends What You Need Signed But 18 Is A Legal Age Because You Are Not A Minor And Do Not Need Your Parents Consent !

Can you file child support if the child is twenty?

No. At twenty an individual is no longer a child (minor) but a legal adult, no longer the mandatory responsibility of a legal guardian, and not eligible for child support.

Can a minor file a police report in illinois?

Yes a minor can file a police report anywhere.

What is the legal age to file a complaint without a parent signature in Louisiana?

Define "complaint." At your age the police would accept your "complaint" (i.e.: report) of a criminal offense committed against you, but for any civil law-type actions you would have to at least be the age of "legal majority" in Georgia, which in most states is 18 years of age.

How to file for a legal separation?

how do you file for a legal separation in the state of NJ

How does a minor sign custody of their child over to an adult?

The adult must file a petition for legal guardianship with the court and the parents of the child must consent. You should visit the family court and speak with an advocate who can explain the legal process and help you file the petition.

How do you file a petition to quash felony warrant?

There is no such action when it pertains to a warrant for a criminal offense. The best option is for the named person to retain legal counsel and present themselves along with their legal representative to the authorities as soon as possible.

How do you determine where to file case?

You file a case in the court system of the jurisdiction in which the offense occurred.

Will the police arrest a 17-year-old for moving out without parental permission in Mississippi?

Not unless the parents file a report. Also the parents of the minor have other legal options to have the minor returned to their custody if that is what they choose to do.

What can you do if an ex-spouse used your name and credit to secure a mortgage without your knowledge?

File a police report immediately and follow their advice. That would be a criminal offense.File a police report immediately and follow their advice. That would be a criminal offense.File a police report immediately and follow their advice. That would be a criminal offense.File a police report immediately and follow their advice. That would be a criminal offense.

Can I get a Restraining order against a legal age boyfriend for my minor daughter in the state of MA?

I do not live in MA, but it is to my knowledge that if your daughter is still a minor and under your guardianship, you can file. As long as you have logical cause for the filing it shouldn't be a problem.

Is it legal for your almost 17-year-old boyfriend to live in his girlfriend's family's home but not share living quarters with her?

If the minor's parents do not agree to the situation they can file a complaint with the authorities. Any adult who allows a minor to reside in their home without having received permission from the minor's parents or legal guardian can be subject to civil action and possible criminal charges.

Are the parents of a 17-year-old who moved out without permission required to provide financial support?

No. But it would be prudent to file an absentee minor report with local authorities or file a petition in the circuit court of the county or city of residence to have the minor returned to their custody or to be relieved of their parental legal and financial obligations.

Is it illegal to file a false death report on another person?

You don't specify the jurisdiction you're interested in, but falsely filing any legal document is almost guaranteed to be a criminal offense.

If you are not legal in America ca you file fr child support?

if you are not legal in America can you file for cild support?

Can a 16 year old father file for legal custody of his child in Ohio- The mother is also a minor or would the grandmother have to apply for custody of her grandchild?

The father can file for it himself. It's every parents right even if they are minors.

What is the statute of limitation for misdemeanor in Missouri?

Generally, the State has one year from the date of the offense to file misdemeanor charges, but cities may file ordinance violations within five years of the date of offense.

Can you be any age to get a crime expunge off your record?

What do you mean by "any" age? You have to be a legal adult in your state in order to file a request. If you are a minor your parent or guardian would have to do it for you.

If a minor legally enters the US with their parent on an H1B visa but then leaves the country can the minor later return and marry a US citizen?

Yes, when both parties are of legal age the US citizen can file for a fiance visa for the foreign national.

How do you get a legal name change for a minor in Georgia?

The parent(s) must file a name change petition in the county court clerk's office where you and the minor have been a resident for at least 6 months. The petition must be notarized before submission.

Can you file a lien on a minor?

Liens are filed on property (such as houses) not on people (such as minors). If a minor is the legal owner of property, that property can still have a lien placed upon it - however, in almost all cases, minors do not own property, their parents or guardians do.

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