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Is it legal to get married at age 17 in Texas by the church without parental consent?


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No, it is not a legally binding marriage.


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The Minimum age for a girl is 18 years whereas for a man is 21 years to get married in a Roman Catholic Church.

Work a job in which there are taxes involved? No, there are many jobs denied those under 16 - by law - without parental consent. Or even with parental consent. Volunteering is a gray area. If you volunteer at a church bake sale or car wash fundraiser, or some such, then the organization accepting your help has not broke a law. But if your parents go to that organization and say that you have no permission to be there, then the church or charity might have legal problems if they let you come back.

Yes it is OK, but some churchs may have a problem with it (depends on the minister or pastor) so just visit the church of your choice and see where it leads.Even up until the early 1900s it was not uncommon for very young people to get married. Just a bonus for you ... on the Canadian news there was a man 101 years old and his wife was in her late 90s (they were wed very young) and had been married for 80 years! This is extremely uncommon in today's modern world. The average length of marriage today is not quite 4 years.MarcyAnswerI would like to add, that it would only be valid in legal terms if it is allowed under the laws of the state of residency. To get married at 16 without parental consent would require a court order.

Canon Law states age 16 for male and 14 for female, but the state of Utah requires 16 for both. In any case, you would need parental consent for both the church and state marriages, and the church would frown upon marriage at such an early age.

Yes there is in Las Vegas. I went ther to get married when i was 16 and my now husband was 18. I got married and didn't even need parental consent. Just find a small chapel grab a few witnesses and get it done. its as easy as 123. Hope everything works out. Lee. Hey!! I like your answer!! I'am 17 and my boyfriend is 16, and we plan on getting married! can you e-mail the website to the church in Las Vegas? Thank-you!! - foxracinggirl_16@yahoo.com -Shayla :) hey really? can u email it to me too lol -canduce_54@yahoo.com

AnswerIn most countries, civil weddings are alternatives to church weddings. So, a Catholic can be married in church without having had a civil wedding.

Whether or not a minor can be married is not usually defined by the Church but by the secular authorities. In some jurisdictions, a court may provide permission for such a marriage.

i think you can martym just search online for a church or legal priest.

Yes! Christians need to be married in a church because if you do not marry inside the church, marriage will be useless without God's blessings and graces.

Roman Catholic AnswerNo, not without committing a sin. A Catholic is bound to be married by a priest in a Church, unless he gets explicit permission from his bishop to do otherwise.

I think it goes state by state. Whatever is legal in your jurisdiction first (or if you have parental permission). The church will perform marriages as long as it is legal, and for most churches as long as it is not homosexual, regardless of age.

Yes depending on the priest, I married a non catholic without doing any prep courses

No, it is not a sin.If you are Catholic, it is assumed you will be married in a Catholic liturgy, but you can get permission to marry in another church if your spouse belongs to that church or for another good reason.Roman Catholic AnswerThat depends. If you have gotten married in a baptist church without permission, if you have gotten a civil marriage without dispensation, if you have married a non-Catholic without permission from your Bishop: then, yes, in all these cases, you would need to speak to a priest to straighten the situation out, and you would need to go to confession.

Reasons why a marriage contract would be illegal:One or both parties are minors without parental consent.Either the man or women is married to someone else at the time.If the marriage was not done by a Justice of the Peace; church chapel or a traditional wedding and the person performing the ceremony does not have a license to do so.If a person is in prison there needs to be permission granted by the Warden.If a person is on parole they need to get permission to marry.

He was married at matha's vineyard. He wasnt married at a church at all.

muhammad (saw) didn't get married in a church he got married in a masjid

In reality, you do not have to go to church regularly to be married in a church. However, you need to be a follower of that church's religion to be married there, and going to church is a part of being a "good" follower.

He was excommunicated after marrying Anne Boleyn, forbidding English people to appeal to Rome and forbidding the Church of England to make any new regulations without his consent.

People choose to get married in a church because it is traditional. Others choose to get married in a church because it is associated with their faith.

No. A marriage license is required to be legally married in the state of Utah. A few churches will perform a ceremony without a license, but it does not count as a valid legal marriage.

Yes it is a sin, you should be married in the church legally, this falls under adultery.

You can only get married in a Catholic Church when the union is not contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

You can never get married in a church at 16 you have to wait until you are 18.

Up until the fourth century, Christians did not get married in a church. The sacrament of marriage was considered the consummation of the marriage, not a particular religious ritual. Even then, change occurred slowly, as the Church began to encourage church weddings, but recognised and accepted marriages without a church wedding.

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