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No it is not

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Q: Is it legal to give police someones work schedule without a warrant?
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Can police start searching through stuff before they serve a search warrant?

police have the rights to seize evidence if its in full view but not if its in someones property otherwise u have to get a warrant

Who can arrest without a warrant of arrest?

The Police

Do you have to allow the police to search you house without a warrant?

no they do not

Can police get phone cell phone records without a warrant?


Can police enter my home and arrest without a warrant for misdemeanor?

It depends on the particular state whether the police can serve an arrest warrant for a misdemeanor.

If arrested can police search your car without a warrant?

Yes they can search it

Can police search your home without you being present?

If they have a warrant, yes they can.

Can police come into your home uninvited without a warrant?

No they cannot come into your house with out a warrant unless the have probable cause.

Do you have to open the door to police officers?

If the police officers have a search warrant or an arrest warrant, then you have to open the door. If they have come to ask questions or for any other reason without a warrant, you do not legally have to open the door.

Can police enter private property without the owners permission?

Not without a warrant or just cause.

Do the police have a right to question you on the job without a warrant?

Yes, there is no need for a warrant. The person can refuse to cooperate with the police if they so choose, in which case they might be taken into custody for interrogation at the police department.

Difference between arrest with and without a warrant?

Without a warrant you must find reasonable grounds to arrest someone, whereas with a warrant your reason to arrest the suspect already exists. Without a warrant a Police Officer can arrest anyone without permission of a Magistrate as long as they follow the correct procedures so their arrest is lawful, which is unlike an arrest with a warrant where you must be granted the warrant to be able to arrest that person. Without a warrant, a Police Officer can mess the arrest up and make it an unlawful arrest but with a warrant it is very unlikely that they make it an unlawful arrest.

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