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Illinois has many lakes that you can bowfish in and has a few that you can spearfish in. Get a fishing digest and read the site specific information on each lake to find out which ones allow it. As for flooded ditches I think that you can, but you may want to call a game warden to find out for sure.

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How do farmers plant rice in the lowland areas?

In lowland areas, the fields are first flooded and then rice seed is planted. Drainage ditches are nearby to prevent too much water getting at the rice plants. These ditches can be dammed or opened as needed.

What hotel did jimmy Wayne help when it flooded?

Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Illinois

How is water supplied to rice?

Rice is grown in a paddy, a section of land that has been bordered by raised berms. These paddies are flooded for most of the growing period of the rice, usually by channels and ditches from nearby rivers.

Has the river Ganges ever flooded?

as for as my knoeledge is concern it hasn't floodedas for as my knoeledge is concern it hasn't floodedas for as my knoeledge is concern it hasn't floodedas for as my knoeledge is concern it hasn't floodedas for as my knoeledge is concern it hasn't floodedas for as my knoeledge is concern it hasn't flooded

What happened to the River Medway when it flooded?

It flooded everywhere

When was the Thames last flooded?

I don't think it has ever flooded.

How do you water your crops in SimFarm?

You dig irrigation channels alongside the crop, and link it to a water source (such as a pump, or windmill). Note that the amount of water supplied is variable so if you only use windmills and have very little groundwater, you can easily run out. Use water towers to have a backup supply. Water will flow across ditches (unless there's a valve and it's off). The more watered ditches directly touching the crop, the more water it receives. Use valves to reduce the amount touching. You may need to adjust this depending on the weather. Also, empty ditches will drain a crop. So if a crop with no irrigation is still flooded, use empty ditches to drain and reduce the rainfall, or grow different crops.

What is the name a place in the UK that has flooded?

Morpeth Flooded last year. =)

When was cumbria flooded?

Cockermouth and the surrounding west Cumbia was badly flooded in November 2009 by the river derwent, it was also flooded in 2005 but not a bad

What part of speech is the word flooded?

Flooded is the past tense and past participle of the verb flood. The past participle can be used as an adjective.Examples:Verb: The storm flooded the entire city.Adjective: a flooded basement.

What river flooded the fields in Egypt?

The Nile river flooded the fields in Egypt.

I looking for vin check up for car whether it was flooded or not?

I am looking for a vin check up fro a car whether it was flooded or not flooded check up

Has the river Thames ever flooded?

the river thames flooded on 7th january 1928

Has the Mississippi flooded?

Yes, the Mississipi river has flooded: once in 1927 and once in 1993.

What time is shoal cave flooded?

shoal cave is flooded every 6 hrs

Is Montville in Queensland flooded?

Montville is not flooded, and is highly unlikely to flood anytime, as it is in the mountains.

Has New York ever flooded?

it got flooded by a tusnami and 100000000000000 people died

What did the egyptians do to make sure that the nile flooded?

The Nile flooded of it's own accord.

Can you give me a sentence with the word flooded?

Rain has also flooded many railway lines.

Is Missouri flooded?


When will the earth be flooded?

we can't exactly tell when the earth is gonna be flooded at least no quite yet

When the nile flooded what did it leave behind?

When the nile flooded it left behind rich,black soil.

What lake flooded Queensland?

No lake flooded Queensland. Numerous rivers in Queensland flooded, including the Brisbane River, Bremer, Fitzroy, Condamine, Dawson and Macintyre, among others.

Was Wilston flooded in the 1974 floods?

Yes. Kedron Brook in Wilston flooded badly in the 1974 floods.

Has the river Nile ever flooded or dried up?

the river nile has flooded before when there was an earthquake