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NO not yet, but if the current people in Washington have their way you will need a passport to go anywhere

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Q: Is it legal to go to Canada without Canadian visa but you have US visa?
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Can Irish refugee document holder visit Canada without a Canadian visa?

You need a passport

How many countries have visa free entry on Canadian passport?

u can go any country without visa in canada passport

Can Canadian legal permanent residents enter the US without a visa?

no they can not enter united states. they must be a canadian citizen or an immigrant holding a passport

How long can a filipino visit Canada without a visa?

Can not visit Canada without some kind of visa. There different types of visa's depending your reason for visiting Canada.

Canadian citizen where don't i need a visa to live?

In Canada

What countries can a Canada multiple visa holder can travel without a visa?

Canada Only

I would like to live at Canada and get a citizenship how can?

You need to get married to a Canadian citizen or apply for a Canadian Visa to get the citizenship of Canada.

Can a person who has US tourist visa travel to Canada on that visa without having a visa to enter Canada?

No not automatically.

How can you get a visa to Canada?

One can apply for a visa to Canada by visiting the Canadian embassy in their country. It is also possible to apply for one online.

What will happen if you are rejected for a visa by Canadian embassy?

You will not be able to enter Canada.

Can you travel to Canada without a visa?

hi, My name sajid iqbal i from Kashmir under control Pakistan but now i am living in Italy legally as a Political stay,i have legal status in Italy i have Travel Dacuments of UNO.Can i travel to canada without visa?

How can you gate Canadian visa from malawicom?

You can get a Canadian visa if you are from Malawi. A visa is required prior to entry into Canada. You can apply for a visa directly online. Malawi does not have a Visa Application Center within the vicinity. The closest Visa Application Center to Malawi is in Kenya.

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